February 19, 2019 8:49 pm

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Why Is The Child In Hands Of The Beggar Always Sleeping?

Why is the child sleeping in the hands of beggars? Have you ever wondered…? This is an article I came across months ago. We are not sure of the author, however, we’ve checked the authenticity of this with our followers in Bangkok and Cambodia. Surprisingly, this seems to be true, and their request, is only to offer beggars food and ... Read More »

Neuroscientists Say Your Forgetfulness Is A Sign Of Extraordinary Intelligence

If you’ve ever forgotten something and felt really awkward about it, or unsure of yourself, relax. Forgetfulness is a sign of higher intelligence, according to recent studies. There are people who pride themselves on their excellent memories, which can certainly be useful in school or social situations. However, it is nearly impossible to remember every tiny detail of every situation, ... Read More »

Donating your poo could earn you $13,000 a year

What was your dream job growing up? Childhood is a magical time in life, a time when anything at all is possible and no position is out of your reach – but it sure has changed since my time in the playground. While people my age used to imagine making it as a ballerina or a detective, today’s employment daydreams ... Read More »

US missionary John Allen Chau killed with arrows by remote Indian Ocean tribe

The death of ‘missionary’ John Chau has been one of the most disturbing stories of 2018. The American was killed by tribesman living on North Sentinel Island – reportedly one of the most remote and isolated communities on the planet. Chau had reportedly journeyed to the Island, which lies off the coast of the Andaman Islands to the south of Burma, ... Read More »

The Science Of Why Human Breasts Are So Massive

We often forget that the human population is merely a member of the animal kingdom, our individual traits, and physical characteristics developed specifically to assist us in survival and the continuation of the species. However, have you ever stopped to consider the traits that serve no clear purpose? The breast is a feature of the body that has long been ... Read More »

If Your Husband Does These 10 Things, You Hit the Marriage Jackpot

Did you hit the marriage jackpot? If it’s a Yes, then you have a husband who does minor things that make your married life particularly lovely – like these 10 things. If these signs sound you familiar, then girl! You have made the right choice by marrying him. 01. He says “I love you” often Most people think that saying ... Read More »

Doctor Removes Woman’s Kidneys By Accident After Mistaking It For a Cancerous Tumor

While we don’t often hear about things like this happen, the fear of it is always in the back of our minds, especially when going under for any kind of procedure. In this woman’s case, the thing we fear the most actually happened and her story will chill you to your bones. According to Fox, a 51-year-old woman named Maureen ... Read More »

Science Reveals Why Highly Intelligent People Prefer To Be Alone

Sure, intelligent people have friends like the rest of us, but they don’t spend their time in the same ways that we do. Intelligent people do things much differently than most others, but when it comes to being social they seem to be much more anxious than the rest of the world. High intelligence and social anxiety appear to be ... Read More »