March 6, 2021 7:13 am

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11 Important Developments You May Have Missed Because of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

With all the coverage of the evolving situation regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), you may well have missed some interesting other news. But fear not, we have gathered some of the most notable, heartwarming, and fun stories you may have not seen over the last few months. What news have we missed because of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus)? With the understandable, wall to ... Read More »

Woman Takes Anti-Selfies Stance By ‘Dying’ At Famous Landmarks And They’re Strangely Hilarious (30 Pics)

You go to a famous landmark, you take a selfie in front of it and upload it to Instagram. Soon, your mom and everyone else starts complimenting your looks and the world wonder in the background becomes just that. A background. But artist Stephanie Leigh Rose has found a way to document her travels while keeping it all about the ... Read More »

This is What Happens to Your Body and Mind When You Nap Three Times a Week for 20 Mins

The stigma against napping is finally starting to wane — and for good reason. Taking a timeout to sleep during the day does much more than just give us a quick energy boost. It also confers some serious cognitive and health advantages as well. Here’s what the latest science tells us. Unlike 85% of all mammalian species, humans sleep just once ... Read More »

Morgan Freeman Turns His 124-Acre Ranch Into a Bee Sanctuary to Save the Planet

In the last several decades, farmers and scientists have observed a dramatic decrease in the world bee population. In the US, the number of working bee colonies per hectare has declined by 90% since 1962. We are losing bees because of climate changes, pesticides, and an overall reduction in their natural habitats. There are some people who can’t just stand by and keep silent and they are fighting for bees and trying to revive them ... Read More »

Rare Scorpion Flies Are Some Of The Most Interesting Insects On Earth

Have you ever seen a Scorpion Fly? Have you ever heard of one? These strange creatures exist, and they look exactly like their name implies, a small scorpion with wings. However, despite its looks, this strange creature does not behave like a scorpion or a fly. These are one of the most creepy and disturbing insects on the planet, but ... Read More »

99-Year-Old Grandma Calls Police to Get Arrested to Check-Off Her Bucket-List Wish

In 2017, a 99-year-old grandmom from the Netherlands got her wish come true to get arrested once in her lifetime when these thoughtful police officers came in to help—handcuffing and locking her up in a cell! With a look of pure joy, 99-year-old Annie allowed an officer to put handcuffs on her and lead her away into her very own jail cell at the ... Read More »

Mother Gives Birth to Twins One Month After Previous Birth

A woman gave birth to twins just one month after she had given birth to another baby boy. The Bangladeshi woman had no idea she was carrying twins in a second uterus until doctors performed a scan when she was rushed to the hospital on March 22 suffering stomach pains. Arifa Sultana Iti, 20, had given birth to a  premature ... Read More »

Man’s Tongue Is “Eaten Away” After Drinking 6 Energy Drinks Per Day

Dan Royals is a teacher and energy drink addict, who recently shared pictures on social media which showed the damage that the drinks have done to his mouth. In the photos that Royals shared, his tongue looks like it has been eaten away, with large chunks missing out of it, and large spaces filled with blisters. In a caption, Royals said, ... Read More »