September 25, 2020 12:00 pm
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Women Start Turning Into Their Moms At 33 Years Old, Study Reveals

When we’re young, one of our greatest fears is turning into our moms. You know what we mean, right? Not that we don’t love our moms, they’re the best! But when you’re young, you really can’t fathom turning into someone … old. Plus, we all promised ourselves we’d be the cool mom, right? We wouldn’t give our kids curfews, and we’d let them have a phone when they were probably too young, and we’d let them stay up late and wear what they want and generally just not be like our boring parents! But, then we became parents. And we realized that our moms might have had it right all along. It’s inevitable – we all turn into our mom at some point. But when exactly does it start to happen? Turns out, 33 is the magic age!

According to new research by a surgeon in the UK, women start turning into their mothers in the first few years after becoming mothers themselves. They start to develop the same attitude and tastes, and probably start to be less fun (KIDDING!). In the UK, the average age a woman has her first child is 30.5. So a few years later, around 33, she starts to slowly morph into the one person she swore she’d never become.

No more rebelling against our moms – instead, we start to embrace their lifestyle, parenting styles, and maybe even their mannerisms! We use the same sayings, we watch the same TV shows, and we take up the same hobbies.

Admit it: you have totally used s similar phrase with your own kids that you used to hear from your mom, and swore you’d never use with your own kids, LOL.

Dr. Julian De Silva, the surgeon who compiled the research, surveyed 2,000 men and women to come to his conclusion. Participants answered a series of questions to determine when, exactly, they started to morph into their own parents. Dr. De Silva says that participants felt they started to turn into their parents when they started to actually resemble them.

Which, yes. We totally get that. Remember thinking that your mom could have used a bit more style sense? Well, she had it all right, and we just didn’t realize how comfortable sneakers, leggings, and a pony tail were. Joke’s on us!

We actually don’t mind that we’re turning into our moms. They did an amazing job, and now we know just hard they worked every single day of our lives. Being a mom is no joke, and our moms are the ones who set the example for us. So bring it on!

Source: moms