November 19, 2018 9:17 am
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This Is What It Actually Feels Like To Be Shot, According To Science

We’ve all seen those Hollywood films where the hero takes several gunshots to the body, but is still able to fight off 20 bad guys, escape an explosion, kill the bad guy and shag the girl, but exactly how accurate is that?

Well, the presenters of the BBC’s Brit Lab wanted to find out what it’s actually like to be shot by a 900mph bullet.

My prediction; it’s gonna hurt.

The truth is, as this video is about to show you, bullets don’t pass cleanly through the body – far from it. The damage that’s left behind by a bullet is truly shocking;

As you can see, after being shot, all that’s visible is a tiny bullet hole, however, on the inside of your body the damage would have already been done.

Presenter Gregory Foot says;

“For soft targets like flesh, bullets find it very easy to punch their way through. You’re left with this hole that we can see, but you’ve also had internal damage from your flesh expanding and then falling back in on itself.”

However, with the right protection, it is possible to survive a sniper bullet travelling at 2000mph!

If only I knew that during my Call of Duty days…


But what does it really feel like to be shot? This reddit story from tootiepoot goes into some distressing detail, and proves that feeling the wrath of a bullet is one of the most frightening and painful experiences a human can go through – both physically and mentally;

“My son (7 at the time) and I were coming home late from visiting family. I let him out at out front door so he could go inside to use the bathroom and was about to drive around back to park the car when I noticed an old junker car idling in the street at the entrance to our driveway. I knew something wasn’t right, parked the car and ran to catch up with my son at the front door. As I got there, a man with a gun pointed at us came up from the side of our house.

He told me to “show me the money” but I was speechless. My son was trying frantically to open the front door and my husband inside heard the commotion and came to the door. As he saw what was happening, he pushed open our heavy iron door into the guy, knocking him backward. The guy shot (we believe at my husband) hitting me in the face as he ran off. Luckily our neighbor had already called the cops and they arrived quickly.

Lots of blood loss and a long recovery, but no residual physical damage really. The scar on my nose is hardly noticeable and the scar behind my ear stays covered by my hair most of the time so I don’t really think about it. Also, I was pregnant at the time all of this happened, and my son was born a few months later perfectly healthy. Pretty crazy shit.

I didn’t even realise that I had been shot through the face because the only real pain I felt was from the exit wound behind my ear. It was an excruciating burning sensation, but what I remember most was the horrifying feeling of the hot blood pouring out of my mouth and down my back. I absolutely thought I was going to die, but never actually lost conciousness until I went into surgery at the hospital.”

So basically, try your best to avoid being shot…