November 18, 2018 7:47 am
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This Girl Pretended To Be Drunk To See How Men Would React

Is it just me or when you were young and experiencing alcohol for the first few times, did you pretend to be slightly more drunk than you actually were? Seriously three gulps of WKD and I was off my trolley. I’m not sure if I actually convinced myself that I was or I just thought it was the done thing. A bottle of Smirnoff Ice down my trap and suddenly my speech was slurred and my legs were like jelly.

Likewise this woman has been pretending to be a little worse for wear than she actually is, but for good reason. From an outside perspective she looks absolutely slaughtered, yet she’s actually stone cold sober. Back in the day my ‘drunken’ antics would be around friends, where getting a little tipsy posed no threat to our safety. However, a girl being drunk on the streets poses a very real and very different threat.


A rehab clinic, Centro Europeo Neurosalus, have conducted a social experiment to highlight just how dangerous it can be. The 10-minute clip posted to YouTube features a scantily dressed female pretending to be drunk and stumbling around the buzzing city of Madrid, Spain, during broad daylight.

The results will shock you to your very core. Unfortunately it’s a very scary world out there.

During the video several men approach her, some offering to buy her more alcohol, one even pinning her up against a wall. Although we are fully aware that the female is an actress, this doesn’t make the footage any easier to watch because the men are genuine.


What if this happened in real life? Or more so, what if this is happening in real life? To young girls who have no camera crew there to step in and save them. It really makes you stop and think, which I suppose is the point.