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The History Of Pepsi Is Revealed Through These 12 Historical Facts

Even though you’re addicted to it, you probably never knew these things about your favorite drink.

1. The logo has changed 11 times in the last 122 years.


2. Pepsi sold more for less.

When competitors started selling 6 ounce bottles for a nickel, Pepsi sold 12 ounce bottles for the same price and profits doubled.

3. Pepsi was the first American product to be manufactured and sold in the Soviet Union.


4. Pepsi was the first soda company to distribute their product in 2 liter bottles.


The 2 liter bottles started to appear on shelves in 1976.

5. It used to have a different name.


Caleb Davis Bradham was the creator of Pepsi. When he first started serving it at the soda fountain in his store, he called it “Brad’s Drink.” He later changed the name to Pepsi, because he felt that it help to alleviate dyspepsia, also known as indigestion.

6. The company has more than 500 patents.


In the 70s, the company even patented a tennis racket.

7. There are tons of flavors.


Pepsi has experimented with tons of different flavors including azuki bean, strawberry milk, shiso, cucumber, baobao tree fruit, yogurt, and salty watermelon.

8. World War II almost ended the company.


The price of sugar went up during WWII so Bradford bought more of it, thinking he could sell it for a profit, but that didn’t work out and he ended up filing for bankruptcy.

9. There is a Pepsi mascots in Japan.

Pepsi Japan reached out to a Canadian comic book artist name Travis Charest who came up with the character Pepsiman.

10. Pepsi was the first company to use skywriting.


The first pilot was hired by Pepsi in 1932 and over the next decade 14 were hired to write 2,225 messages in the sky over the United States, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, and South America.

11. Pepsi gave Sofia Vergara her first job.

She was only 17 when she appeared in the 30 second TV spot.

12. Classic Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial (1984)

Michael Jackson teams up with director Bob Giraldi in a Pepsi commerical for the “new generation”.