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The Healthiest Parts Of Fruits And Vegetables Most Of Us Throw Away

Kids and grownups often throw away the peel, seeds, steam or leaves from different fruits which in fact are really healthy. You need to drop this bad habit and cut and put the leftovers in a juicer. This is why…

Fruits and vegetables are known for its richness in vitamins, minerals and other nutritive materials which are needed for the normal functioning of the human organism. While eating these groceries the normal procedure is to remove the peel and use the fruit for juice, fruit salad or simple put the fruit in our mouth and chew. However, not many people know that the peel of the fruit or vegetable has more vitamins than the inside. It is hard to imagine that you chew the peel of a kiwi for example. But do you know that in New Zeeland they consume the kiwi all together with the peel? If you have a problem eating the hairy peel than you can juice it. Also many residents of England and India eat the banana all together with the peel. All of the fruits and vegetables have a certain synergy which means that if we put apart the peel, the nucleus and the stem we will lose the full intensity of the fruit itself.

The Healthiest Parts Of Fruits And Vegetables Most Of Us Throw Away

The myth of peeling the fruit and vegetables is probably related with the usage of pesticides in the last century and the global knowledge about their bad influence. Since then, some things have changed: the most harmful pesticide DDT is banned and more importance is given to organic cultivation of fruits and vegetables (unfortunately sometimes this is stated only for marketing purposes and the truth is different). Of course if the fruit is from your own garden we can be perfectly sure that it wasn’t treated with any chemical substances. However, you can buy apples from the market and put them in salty water and leave them for around 30 min and than wash them with regular water. This way you can be perfectly sure that all of the toxins will be removed. This is also a fact for all fruits and vegetables. It is known that people used it whenever they wanted to clean something.

Here are some advices from nutritionists how to use certain groceries:


You always eat the leaves but never the stem. The stem is full with amino acids which strengthen the immune system. If you don’t like to chew them, you can juice them.


You don’t eat the stem nor the leafs. Instead of coking only the flower, cook the stem or fry the leafs with some olive oil. This will increase the level of vitamins in the meal.


The leafs may not be the easiest for usage but it offers more magnesium and calcium than the stem. You may cut it and add it in a soup.


You can eat the peel of the garlic but have in mind that it has more antioxidants including quercetin which decreases the blood pressure. The best thing that you may do is to enjoy in the benefits of unpeeled garlic in a stew and just take out the peel before consuming.


Researches have shown that the peel of a watermelon will make your circulation better. Although you can’t eat the peel you can put it in a mixer together with the rest of the watermelon and make a great drink.

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