November 18, 2018 7:46 am
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Study Reveals What The ‘Perfect Body Type’ Looks Like For Men And Women

We don’t necessarily aim to be perfect in all areas of our lives, but one aspect that many of us constantly strive for is a flawless body. Well, not necessarily “flawless”, but as close to it as we can possibly get. But what the hell is the “perfect” body type, who determines it and is our obsession with attaining it slowly killing us?

Unfortunately there is no simple answer to any of the questions above. The fashion industry plays a major part in our perceptions and most of the time creates an unrealistic picture of beauty with their excessive image editing. While, unsurprisingly, the standards of beauty vary from country to country.


So the age-old question is: what is the “ideal” body type for men and women. Well, the Today Show have just answered that very question. They wanted to come to terms with how far away “we are from what we imagine is the ideal figure and our average bodies,” and enlisted the help of Pittsburgh artist Nickolay Lamm to do so.

Lamm’s project was based on a 2012 British study which presented 40 female and 40 male heterosexuals with 3D computer representations of bodies and asked them to adjust the bodies until they came to their perfect shape for both genders, then compare the ideals to the participants’ own bodies. Lamm created 3D rendered images based on the results and they revealed a ton of surprises.

Sorry if this all sounds a little confusing at the moment ladies and gents. Let me break it down for you with these “ideal body image vs. average body type image” examples below.

Firstly, take a look at the lady on the left, this is what women would prefer themselves to look like, compared to what the average women actually looks like. Pretty dissimilar right?


Secondly, take a look at these ladies. In this picture the lady on the left is what women think they should look like, while on the right is what their male counterparts prefer. As president of the small breasted society, it fills me with great joy to know that the average man is after more junk in the trunk than a party in the front.


Now it’s the turn of the men. The dude on the left is what women would prefer a man to look like, compared to the average male body type. Essentially, by the looks of things, what gets a lady’s heart racing is an inverted pyramid shape with a small waist and broad shoulders.


In short, girls are after a Tom Hardy figure, while men like women who have an hourglass shape with a small waist-to-hip ratio.

How far would you go to achieve physical “perfection” in the eyes of society? This guy gave up sugar and alcohol for a whole month to see the effect it had on his body and his mental health. By the looks of things, losing weight this way would be no walk in the park.

After all that what’s the most important thing not to forget? Surely it’s that women actually prefer a larger bust size than men do! Just kidding, that is certainly not the most essential thing to take away from this article. On the contrary, it’s crucial to remember that these examples are just predicted averages. Of course, preferences will differ from person to person, and who am I to say who is right? When it comes to body shape there is no “one size fits all” and that’s what makes this world so bloody great.