June 18, 2018 9:02 pm
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So That’s What That Weird White String Inside An Egg Yolk Is, You Can All Sleep Easy Now

Have you ever heard about the chalaza (pronounced: cuh-lay-zuh) before? No I didn’t think so. For those of you who have no idea what I’m referring to, it’s the white, rope like thing that’s hanging onto the yolk when you crack an egg. While eggs get consumed millions and millions of times every day, I doubt many people take the time to find out what this little string is, and what it’s for.


Firstly it’s important to tell you that it’s not some sort of weird chicken umbilical cord, it’s totally safe. In fact the chalaza (or chalazae considering there are two of them) can be found on both sides of the yolk. Acting as an anchor of sorts, the job of this little rope is to hold the yolk at the centre of the egg.

Usually at their most noticeable when separating egg whites, they are totally edible and there is no need for you to panic about eating them. Plus, once they are mixing into your scrambled eggs you’ll never know they were there at all. Fun fact, seeing those stringy cords clearly is a sign that you’re looking at a fresh egg – which is only ever good news in a world where fresher is always better.

Chalazae disappear as the egg ages; so if you can’t see any on your precious morning eggs then you can assume they’ve been sitting in your fridge for a little longer than they should. Now you know a little more about the basic anatomy of an egg, maybe it’s time to learn how to make your eggs artsy. Here is a video explaining how to separate the yolk in an egg and draw with it in an omelette. Crazy stuff.

Now you know the science of eggs, as well as how to make them arty, you can enjoy your breakfast safe in the knowledge that you’re both brainy and cultured. Huzzah!