October 19, 2018 2:15 am
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Seven Incredible Facts You Did Not Know About The Human Body

The human body is a truly incredible and wonderful piece of equipment. Despite spending hours and hours in biology class learning about how we all work and move, there are literally so many things I’ll never come remotely close to understanding.

I was never a science person at school, so now my knowledge of human body extends to the injuries I’ve drunkenly inflicted on myself over the years – but I digress…

Here are seven incredible facts about the human body that you definitely didn’t know.

1. The human stomach contains a digestive acid that is so strong it can even melt zinc


2. A man can produce 10 million new sperm cells each day from his testicles which is enough to repopulate the entire planet in just 6 months


3. Our lugs have more than 300,000 minute blood vessels, if we laid out those vessels we could have a total length of 1,500 miles


4. In our lifetime our body produce enough saliva that can fill two Olympic size swimming pools


5. In just 30 minutes our body makes enough heat to boil four pints of water


6. The human heart generates its own electrical pulse, so if we remove it from our body, it will continue to beat for a limited span of time


7. Our bones are four times stronger than concrete and 1 cubic inch of bone can withstand a weight of 8.6 tones


Next time I go to a party I’m definitely whipping out all these bloody cool facts… Ok, maybe I won’t bring them out at a party, but the next time my sister mentions anything to do with the human body, I’m going to lay the biology smack down.