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Scientists Uncover A Shocking Discovery Underneath The Easter Island Heads! Unbelievable!

As if they weren’t mysterious enough…This is absolutely incredible!

The giant stone statues scattered around remote Easter Island are even more impressive than they first appear. Hidden from view, the heads are attached to bodies that extend meters underground.

Scientists Uncover A Shocking Discovery Underneath The Easter Island Heads! Unbelievable!

The bodies are covered in ancient and as of yet indecipherable writings called petroglyphs.

Easter Island is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world, located over 2,000 miles off the coast of Chile. The statues, called Moai, were carved by the Rapu Nai people sometime between 1250 and 1500 CE.

Scientists Uncover A Shocking Discovery Underneath The Easter Island Heads! Unbelievable!

According to Wikipedia, the tallest of the 887 Moai is over 30 feet tall and weighs 82 tons. Another, if completed, would have been almost 70 feet tall and would have weighed 270 tons! Incredibly, many of these enormous statues were moved to various places around the island. The faces represent ancestors that are seen as deities.

We’ve been thinking for all these years that they were just heads, however all along, the sculptures have secretly had torsos, buried beneath the earth. Awe!

They are going to be absolutely huge when they are completely excavated. It all just adds to the mystery of these amazing sculptures. Maybe now they can get more information about them seeing as they have writings on them.


This is absolutely incredible! Can’t wait for them to decipher what was written on them. Is one of those places that I would love to visit but that’s not easy, however the news stirs my imagination!


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  • David Bethel

    Amazing discovery!!!.

  • beefchop


  • Devin Henry

    So either they were buried or the earth over time built around them

    • The Scientist

      over time the earth built up over them.

      • Mankind

        Actually you, the scientist have the answer. Another question were they covered up naturally or were they covered up by whomever thus creating a much bigger secret still hiding under the surface. Only time shall tell, I only hope we as a civilization give ourselves the time needed.

      • Per Eis

        if earth built up over them,what is that in years ??

  • rwgunn

    I’m pretty sure I saw this first in a FarSide comic…

  • davids64

    Except that this is NOT a “shocking discovery”.

    Anthropologists have known that the Moai had bodies for DECADES. At least since the 1920s or so.

    • Sandra Bermingham

      I thought that was the case, still very interesting non the less.

    • Иван Шекерев

      I was wondering how it could not have been known… Why is everybody shocked out of a sudden?

      • homasapiens

        because being shocked brings up the click rate.

        • D C

          this site is probably going to ban your comments, lol

  • Zach
    • Endymion Nathanael Rose

      It’s not particularily shocking, but very intriguing. It makes me go like “oh, well hey now, they have bodies underneath there…i see…hmm, very interesting”, like so 🙂

      • Иван Шекерев

        Haven’t anybody check this before??

        • Stax Shelly

          No, they HASN’T (lol sorry I could not help myself)…

          • KC

            That’s fine, Stax, as long as your Russian grammar is better than
            Иван Шекерев ‘s English grammar…

          • sassymacgeek


        • Kkuja

          Thor Heyendaal did, in 1950s (The first image is from his expedition in 1950s). You can read about the expedition from his book Aku-Aku: The Secret of Easter Island

          • adbj102

            He made two trips to the island, I read both. After the Chilians took away some of the islanders, and used them as slaves to mine guano 1000 miles away, someone toppled the ones facing the shore! ON stone platforms! No bodies or feet! They were righted afterwards for tourists! He also lived with the natives for a while! Quite a story! Complete with lots of photographs!

    • TJ

      That’s genius!!!!

    • Roy Sperbeck

      There was a special on TV they suggested the natives made the statues walk with ropes attached to them. HA HA HA

    • Wing_Zero_75

      And Florida is its penis.

    • uscgvet


  • Jeannie DiSante

    So, who owns this island and who gave these folks permission to dig them up??

    • Michael Raymond Astle

      Nobody. The people who created these statues either all moved or, more probably, died out due to the complete lack of any trees on the island. When Europeans landed there, the island was only inhabited by these giant heads. Politically today, the island is part of Chile because that’s the nearest country.

      • Alex Hoskins

        Not entirely true, there were actually 2000-3000 of the statue builders descendants still living on the island when the Portuguese arrived. However their previous state of civilisation had collapsed after they had destroyed the islands ecology with their obsession with building these statues – they clearcut every single tree in the islands extensive forests for example. By the time the Portuguese arrived none of the natives remembered how the statues had been constructed even though the last of them had only been built a couple of hundred years earlier. And of course within 150 years of colonial rule through disease and bring abducted by slavers there were only about 100 of the original inhabitants left.

        It’s the classic example of human beings arriving somewhere and destroying their environment in the pursuit of an illogical obsession with something they think is more important than permanent sustainability.

        • Tasha

          They uncovered ONE not all of them. Jeeze you act like they blew it up or something.

          • Marissa Burdick

            Tasha, did you even read what he wrote?

  • Osmond Ogali

    The Easter Bunny owns this Island!!!

  • Niko Kritikos


    • Satan’s left Nut

      More like 0.003 cents per click.

      • Niko Kritikos

        I’m actually quoting maxim magazine. I clicked on it from my computer.

        For most publishers, ads are what keep the lights on, and that means your eyeballs are worth money. That value partially depends on your degree of “engagement” with the content. Translation: Do you read WIRED religiously, or are you just here as a onetime thing? Here’s an (estimated) breakdown of what you’re earning for us right now. —J.G.

        If you are reading this…

        In the magazine: 40¢

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  • ToddT

    Those appear to be hieroglyphics.

  • Ilbirs

    Easter Island moais have hidden easter eggs.

  • Sophie Wilder

    this isn’t shocking, this has been known for over a hundred years.

    • Sonny

      Gee Sophie; what would the world do without brain surgeons like you?! I know, you’ve been there several times and the last time just to out do yourself you swam it!!!!

      • Sophie Wilder

        No, I went to a museum and I paid attention.

      • Vasil Cholakov


      • raydeathray

        She just posted a link with relevant information. You’re acting like she put on fake glasses, called you stupid, then peed all over your high school diploma.

  • Sinkai_Rahl

    when was this discovered?

    • The Scientist

      1950 to be exact, for all the dumb people who believe it was just found.

      • Sean Walsh

        Actually 1919 and confirmed in 1955.

      • Why call people dumb that didn’t know this? In that case YOU are “dumb”, because I’m sure there is a lot you don’t Know either.

        • Vasil Cholakov

          they are dumb because one of the first comments by davids64 was that anthropologists’ve known they had bodies since 1920. But nobodie bothers to read the comments before posting.

          • Sorry, can’t Respect You or anyone else for talking down to people.

  • Cody Wood

    You should never say the words “according to Wikipedia” in an article.

    • Robert

      Even though wikipedia has thousands of people correcting any mistakes that people put into it. On top of all that it sites the evidence for each piece of fact on it.

      • Robert

        Just because your Bachelor degree middle school english teacher told you wikipeda was bad, doesnt make her right.

      • Because of the fact that anyone can change the information is this reason why Wikipedia isn’t a good source to cite, period, because it’s not solid, and requires cited source material anyway, which often gets changes anyway

        • Satan’s left Nut

          Because of the fact that there are thousands of well-educated people who review everything thoroughly, and the fact that there are links to the original science, Wikipedia is often more reliable than single sourced scientific publications.

          • In English it is usually quite informative and factual (although I do have a couple of friends that have edited/fleshed out their own entries on them or their project), in other languages there can be a lot of pranks.

  • Lindsay

    terribly written

  • Naomie

    You mean to tell me that NOBODY thought…”hnmm I wonder if these heads that look like totem poles, have bodies?”??? Not ONE archaeologist thought to dig around the heads to see how they were rooted to the ground for so long?? It just seems like such an obvious thing to think. I wondered about that when we learned about them in school.

  • Divine Hammer


  • Robert

    I’m waiting on the theory for how Africans secretly carved these. Like how they built the pyramids that totally were nothing like the middle eastern peoples pyramids… lmao

    • Robert

      Not to mention all the other pyramds that cover the rest of africa…

      • There are ALOT of Arrogant @$$holes commenting on here. If You Think You can Talk to people any way You want because You THINK You Know something they don’t, You’re really not that Smart. Just Pompous.

    • This statement sounds smart to you doesn’t it? LOLOLOL Africans and African SubCultures DID Build the Pyramids of the world. For example, check out a book called “They Came Before Columbus” by Ivan Van Sertima. If You haven’t already…….

  • Michelle McDonald

    There is a reason that island is remote and not easy to get to.. Now like usual were digging and messing with these ancient statues That had a purpose .. Has anyone ever wondered why are Ancestors dug so deep to keep things away from us? Trust me there is a reason.. So now all these people who believe in the deitys and mythical gods are probably quacking in there pant. Why the hell did you have to take the beauty and mystery away from theses people? We humans are just that humans We have destroyed every dam thing we touch!! We talk of disease and blah blah sorry to say we caused every dam thing that we HUMANS go through we poison ourselves .

    • Tasha

      They uncovered ONE. JEeze you act like they blew it to pieces!

    • Mitchell New

      Destruction is part of that mystery though, from death and destruction comes life and new construction, thousands of years from now our descendants will look at us as a primitive species and wonder what our buildings were and structures, it would be hard for them because they advanced so much and cared so little that they forgot exactly who we were and what we/their ancestors did just like we did.
      thousands of years from now some cities/most might be ruins and seem like an ancient place of worship.
      some people theorize that more advanced civilizations lived here but either died out, left or forgot everything and they are us trying to remember “Where they came from, and who they are!” it would be interesting if our ancestors forgetting everything was the cause to the great question of “Why are we here and who are we?”

    • Sarah Fischer

      You do realize that archaeologists take the utmost care digging things up, right? They do not harm the site they are working on in any way, it’s all about discovering new things, and learning more about something they didn’t know before. You act as if they are a bunch of backward hicks who ramble around carelessly digging things up just for the fun of it.

    • RexRyan

      Pipe down Earth worshiping tool.

    • Pauric Heraghty

      The Rapa Nui made shite of Easter Island themselves for gods sake (literally). The depleted the island of its resources in their fervor to get those heads up and left the place a barren wasteland which couldn’t support them any longer. I don’t think they would be pointing the finger if they were still around

  • Amazing! Most paramount, what surprises me is how we
    continue find out how these Mysteries have been among us for centuries yet
    every time we start to think we know all about Men’s existence and God’s
    presence there is always irrefutable evidence that is brought to Light that once
    again proves that there’s more to learn about Men’s existence and That ‘God’
    which created Us ~ Proves as Truth!

  • Howords End

    AD I’m not a CE guy.

  • Christian

    Great… just what we need. Taller Moai statues to shoot on Gradius.

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  • raydeathray

    I’ve always wondered what their bodies looked like. Mmmmm…so sexy.

  • FRP

    What is 1500 CE?

    • “CE” is “Common Era” (also known as “current era” or “Christian era”). Thus “BCE” is “before the common era”. It is increasingly used in place of A.D.

      • FRP

        Aha it must be an Americanism as in England we write BC and AD which is common usage in English

        • That’s possible, though most Americans I know also use BC/AD. 🙂 I have no idea how common “CE” has become. I first heard of it only a couple of years ago.

  • D C

    the comments in here are lowering my IQ more than this article is


  • JohnQ2

    The statues are far far older than 5-700 years…

    • Kyle Ison

      That is the thing people should be talking about. And the reason I am in the comments. So, so much older than mainstream “science” suggests.

  • Kisha Graves-Schnitzer

    Can any one take this and put it towards proving Noah’s story from the Bible (to prove), or to use it to prove that the world was one at one time and this was the aftermath of separation (to prove). Also can this be used to map the tides, to determine the reason for the change in migration of the marine life, can it map the chemicals that man has put into the water ways, and damage man has done to marine life. Could this be ground zero for determining or leading toward the answer to all questions ever asked?

  • GREAT !

  • Susan E. Filippini

    Science and archeology are NOT finished.

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