November 18, 2018 7:57 am
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People Who Spend Money On Experiences Instead Of Possessions Are Much Happier

The day your paycheque finds its way into your bank account you feel like you’ve won the lottery. It’s usually a time to live like a queen for a day or two. Blowing the cash on afterwork drinks, that killer outfit and spur of the moment purchases. Obviously you get an instant gratification from your hefty investments, but then you plummet back to reality. After paying back your parents for the cash they loaned you, your bank balance drops back to single figures and you soon regret everything.

However, for the most of us, maybe the time is now to forget about the diamonds and material goods, and focus rather on what makes us happy, experiences and memories that will last a life time, rather than temporary desires.


When you sit back with your grandchildren looking back on your life, telling stories of what you got up to when you were their age. Will you be talking about the dope 100 pound nike trainers you bought or the Apple watch you saved up for months to buy? Probably not. You’ll be reminiscing about the memories you made travelling the world and the music festivals you went to, not the price tag of a bag.


The majority of us are in the pursuit of happiness, which we assume will come from a physical object that will last bloody ages. According to recent research that’s a load of crap, and we will get a lot more from one-off experiences rather than physical possessions that will lose their ‘cool’ factor after a few years (or weeks).

Cornell University psychology professor Dr. Thomas Gilovich, has been studying the question of money and happiness for over two decades. He says:


Basically he’s saying that we purchase things that the heart temporarily desires because we get so caught up in trends and a public pressure to have the “in” goods. Social media doesn’t help because just about everything that society seems to buy is plastered over our news feeds like it’s some kind of competition. Congratulations, you win, you’re a dick head.

When you think about it why do we spend hundreds of pounds on the latest phone? When we could put that money towards a plane ticket to a country we’ve never been before or go skydiving. Maybe I’m just a bit of an adrenaline junky who has a desire to see what  life exists outside my new wardrobe, but it makes sense.


Payday results in you swiping your card more times in one day than you’ve ever swiped right on Tinder. It’s time to stop swamping ourselves in bullshit products that we don’t really need, pick up a road map (or world map) and start living.