October 17, 2018 10:46 pm
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People Who Love to Travel Have These 10 Qualities In Common

After the travel bug bites you, you are infected for the rest of your life. The passion to travel flows through your veins; it becomes a part of who you are.  People that love to travel have many things is common. But most of all they share the passion for personal growth. All the events you witness during your travels contributes to this. Visiting new places, meeting new people, tasting new food, everything combined forms a majestic experience.


Like-minded travel junkies have quite some common traits. Here are listed 10 traits which you will recognize if the travel bug bit you too.

1. Living in the moment

This is not a trait most people have when they start traveling. It always takes a couple of adjustments and moments of realization which tell you most things are outside of your control. A difference in culture means often also a difference in pace. Of course, you can try to set every single detail out during your trip, but things will always go differently as planned. You never know who you will meet or what places you are going to visit. By living in the moment, or in the present you let go of your expectations and timelines. By just going with the flow you enjoy things the most.

2. Being respectful

The more you travel the more respect you gain for different cultures. Many times your views of the world change drastically. Every country has their own etiquette, traditions and customs. By showing respect to the locals you will find them to be more open and easily approachable. This in itself can lead to very interesting and educating situations.

3. Becoming more open-minded

Besides experiencing growth of respect, you see that different situations can be handled in several ways. This is many times linked to culture and other belief-systems. Your way may be seen as the most approachable where you are from. Yet when you travel the other side of the world, things may be handled completely different. Not judging others can be hard at first but will benefit you in the long run. Not only will you learn different ways of thinking; having the ability to look at a situation from several angles and perspectives can help you on many occasions.

4. Being curious

Curiosity is one of the main triggers during your travels. It’s the thing that motivates you to invest in the places you visit. The urge to know more about different countries, discovering what they have to offer, experiencing what their food tastes like and how the locals interact, etc. If you weren’t curious at all, you wouldn’t even take the effort to travel that far.

5. Having a sense of adventure

You may not be Indiana Jones but a sense of adventure is a thing which goes hand in hand with traveling. During your travels, you never know what to expect or what you will find around the corner. A normal seeming situation can suddenly take a turn and you will find yourself in an adventure of a lifetime. If you do not want adventure, the best thing is to stay at home or book at an all-inclusive vacation resort.

6. Being Social

The people you meet during your travels contribute a lot to how you experience the journey. Meeting people and making new friends makes a trip a lot more interesting. Hearing about their adventures, getting tips and hearing the most varying life stories. You never know what to expect. Networking will not only make your journey more meaningful, many times you can benefit from it after your travels.

7. Knowing your necessities

Setting priorities and learning necessities is something you learn relatively quick during traveling. An extended and exploded suitcase is most definitely not something you want to carry around everywhere. Especially not to places where roads exist out of muddy trails. A backpack only allows a certain amount of stuff. You easily start to differentiate between the luxuries and necessities. The more you travel, the more get the feeling for what is truly needed.

8. Willingness to share

What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine. If you have it, you share it. Mosquito spray, shampoo or a lonely planet, it doesn’t matter. Travelers do not tend to have a lot. There is where you tend to see the beauty of less is more. Everyone can relate to one and other and that makes everyone very understanding and generous. Of course, there are boundaries and exceptions to the rule but on average most travelers are very willing to share.

9. You can make yourself at home

Being homesick is something you can scratch off the list. Of course, you miss the loved ones you leave behind but you enjoy the experiences you gain during your travels even more. Somewhere along the line you even come to realize it doesn’t matter where you are, you know how to make yourself at home. It makes it a lot easier to travel with the idea that you’re carrying home with you instead of leaving your home behind all the time.

10. Extended sense of gratitude

In the past, you wouldn’t even stand still to realize what you had. Now you are even feeling grateful for the silliest little things. Especially after a backpacking trip where things like streaming water and electricity were considered a scarcity, let alone a comfortable bed. Gratefulness should be a trait every single human expresses, but this is far from being the case. Let’s just be grateful traveling can be so enriching.