January 25, 2021 6:15 am

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Scientists Have Discovered A Drug That Regrows Teeth And Fixes Cavities !

It’s a common thing that has been going on for decades, have a cavity in your mouth, time to get a filling or an even more costly time-consuming root canal. But what if these dental procedures could soon be a thing of the past. GOODBYE FILLINGS, ONCE AND FOREVER Researchers have discovered that one of the drugs developed to help ... Read More »

The Scientific Secrets on How to Get Someone to Fall in Love with You

In case you were ever wondering, yes, there are scientific ways to know how to get someone to fall in love with you. You want this person to fall in love with you, I get it. Listen, my personal advice would be not to try and learn how to get someone to fall in love with you. If they realize ... Read More »

Entering A Psychedelic State — Without Psychedelics: Inside Holotropic Breathwork

“Now start to increase the speed of your breath. Breathing faster and deeper each time.” Dr. Stanislav Grof is instructing a room full of attendees who are about to embark on a three-hour journey using a powerful technique called holotropic breathwork. With his very calm and deliberate manner of speaking, Dr. Grof leads a brief relaxation exercise before signaling the ... Read More »

Science Confirms: Intelligent People Go To Bed Late, Leave A Mess Everywhere, And Use Bad Language

How do you know if you are intelligent? Not by your SAT scores, it seems like! The way you talk and live your life has much more to do with it. It turns out that swearing, staying up late, and being messy may all signs of your intelligence. Intelligent People Swear Like Sailors Yeap, it seems like that if you have a ... Read More »

Life Lessons from a “90-year-old” That Will Change Your Life

It is commonly assumed that it takes 10,000 tries to become a master at something. If that’s true, then anyone who’s made it past 90-years-old must be true masters at life. They’ve experienced all of the tears, fear, extreme happiness, and utter sadness that comes with each phase of life, and they have many stories to tell. So, when a ... Read More »