October 17, 2018 10:16 pm

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America Is About To Explode And Entire Cities Will Become War Zones

By now most Americans who lean, politically, to the Left have made up their minds about the so-called “epidemic” of police shootings of black men around the country. It’s real, cops are the real threat to peace, and none of the men who have been killed in recent years were doing anything wrong. That is the narrative being put out ... Read More »

See What The Indonesian Smoking Baby Looks Like 8 Years Later

Back in 2010, controversial images of a 2-year-old Indonesian baby smoking cigarettes took the internet by storm.  People were furious that such a young kid could have such a serious addiction.  Back when it came out, it was claimed that he smoked upwards of 40 cigarettes a day! After the story went viral, the Indonesian government found the young boy, ... Read More »

Young Woman Goes Undercover To Reveal Secret ISIS Behavior

Families cry as women talk to them over the internet.  “I’m not going back, mom,” says one woman.  “I did not take the risk by coming here to go back to France.” Another instance occurs where a man driving a car orders a woman to cover her face: “God loves women who are covered,” he says. Another disturbing scene of ... Read More »

Since Orlando, No End to US Militarism…

One month ago today, the world awoke to the news that 49 people had been killed in a massacre at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub. From the outset, media coverage was filled with misinformation and racially charged speculation. On the morning of June 12, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) told CNN that the shooter, Omar Mateen, “was from Afghanistan and had weapons training.” ... Read More »

17 National Geographic Photos That Will Change How You See History

Found is a curated collection of photography from the National Geographic archives. Some of these photos have never been published before, others were in the magazine years ago but since then have rarely been seen by the public. Their beauty has been lost to the outside world. We hope to bring new life to these images and the history they ... Read More »

Guy Sneaks Into The Fukushima Red Zone And Takes Some Very Haunting Photos

What would you do if you were visiting Japan? I guess the normal tourist stuff – visit the fish markets, see the Tokyo Imperial Palace, probably sneak into the radioactive Fukushima red zone without permission… OK, perhaps not.  Yet Keow Wee Loong, a Malaysian photographer, did just this on his recent visit to Japan. In 2011, after a 15 metre ... Read More »

This Lady’s Raunchy Bedroom Selfie Is Freaking Everybody Out – But Why?

Selfies are the bread and butter of social media, providing an endless stream of filtered faces down our newsfeeds every day. But sometimes, people need to be a little more selective about what photos they choose to share with the world. You’d be surprised how many selfies accidentally reveal dildos, bare bums, people going to the toilet, and poop. Big pieces ... Read More »

Take that Islamophobes — Muslim Man Dies Saving Hundreds of Lives by Hugging a Suicide Bomber

As their murderous attacks in the Middle East continue, the world is finding out that ISIS is not representative of Islam. The group launched another murderous suicide bomber strike only days after the attack in Iraq’s Karrada area which claimed over 300 lives — the deadliest single attack in Iraq since the war to oust Saddam Hussein 13 years ago. The attack ... Read More »