August 15, 2018 4:49 am

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Man’s True Best Friend, Doberman Dies Fighting 4 Cobras To Save His Human Family


Talk about love for the family. In a fight to the death, a doberman stood his ground killing four cobras that could have attacked his owner, Dibakar Raita’s family. The family, which lives in Sebekapur village of Gajapati district, 400 kms from Bhubaneswar, is still reeling from the shock of the event. “I’m shocked. He has made the supreme sacrifice ... Read More »

The Rothschilds Are Believed To Be Worth Trillions of Dollars And Are Not On Forbes Rich List!


Known to many as the pioneers of international banking, the Rothschild dynasty is believed to be the wealthiest family in the history of the world. So why does virtually no one know about them and why do they get no media attention? There must be very good reasons as to why they are so secretive. Check this video I dug ... Read More »

Brazilian Man Injects Oil Into His Body To Look Like The Hulk And Almost Dies


Most of us spend the majority of our lives transforming into the person we want to be. 25-year-old Brazilian man Romario dos Santos Alves transformed himself into a real-life Incredible Hulk. Romario, who is married and has a young son, needed something more. His life as a security guard wasn’t cutting it and he needed a big change. He had ... Read More »

People Are Pissed at These Tourists Who Went Swimming in Rome’s 400-Year-Old Fountain


When in Rome, do as the Romans do — and that includes keeping out of the city’s 400-year-old fountains. Three tourists have sparked major social media outrage this week after they were spotted taking a dip in the Fontana dell’Acqua Paola to cool off on an unusually hot day. The women, who so far have not been identified, wore nothing ... Read More »

3 Surprising Signs of High Intelligence


There are many misconceptions about highly intelligent people – among the most debated being how to identify them. Albert Einstein himself once said “It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.” Indeed, many people agree that the truest measure of intelligence is not in what a person already knows. Rather, it can be ... Read More »

America Is About To Explode And Entire Cities Will Become War Zones


By now most Americans who lean, politically, to the Left have made up their minds about the so-called “epidemic” of police shootings of black men around the country. It’s real, cops are the real threat to peace, and none of the men who have been killed in recent years were doing anything wrong. That is the narrative being put out ... Read More »

See What The Indonesian Smoking Baby Looks Like 8 Years Later


Back in 2010, controversial images of a 2-year-old Indonesian baby smoking cigarettes took the internet by storm.  People were furious that such a young kid could have such a serious addiction.  Back when it came out, it was claimed that he smoked upwards of 40 cigarettes a day! After the story went viral, the Indonesian government found the young boy, ... Read More »

Young Woman Goes Undercover To Reveal Secret ISIS Behavior


Families cry as women talk to them over the internet.  “I’m not going back, mom,” says one woman.  “I did not take the risk by coming here to go back to France.” Another instance occurs where a man driving a car orders a woman to cover her face: “God loves women who are covered,” he says. Another disturbing scene of ... Read More »