August 15, 2018 4:49 am

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The Ultimate Game Freak – Interview With The Man Who Created A Video Game Known As Pokémon


TIME Tokyo bureau chief Tim Larimer speaks with Satoshi Tajiri, the quiet, complex man who created a video game in which no one dies–and who in the process launched the worldwide phenomenon known as Pokémon. In this extended interview, Tajiri explains, among other things, the logical trajectory from bugs to Pikachu. After first coming up with the idea for Pokémon ... Read More »

Donald Trump Has A “Mystery” Daughter Named Tiffany And THIS Is Why He Never Talks About Her


At this point in his presidential campaign, it seems like everybody wants to know EVERYTHING about Donald Trump. What is his home life like? How many kids does he have? Is he a good father? Well most of his kids are highly publicized, but one of his daughters has been kept in the shadows… until now. Get ready to meet ... Read More »

9-11 Conspiracy Theorists Vindicated, Military Coup in Turkey as Americans Search for Pokémon


When browsing through the mainstream media abyss, there is no shortage of stories about people hunting down Pokémon on their office desks, in hospital rooms, and even in bathrooms. One teenage girl reportedly found a dead body while looking for Pokémon. POKÉMON IS EVERYWHERE. Not only is it everywhere, but its players are increasingly finding themselves in the beds of hospitals. It’s ... Read More »

The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic Ever: Kills Any Infection in the Body


It is a sad fact that we are evolving to be resistant to antibiotics, it is said that fatal infections will kill one person every three seconds by the year 2050. People never even think of treating infections naturally anymore, it is all just one doctor’s visit after another, but the truth is the best antibiotics are not made in ... Read More »

‘Marijuana Tampon’ Might Be the End of Your Period Cramps


You have probably never even considered combining marijuana with menstruation, but someone has. There is a new way to not only handle your period, but also the pesky cramps that come along with it, and it is done with cannabis tampons. An innovative company in the medical cannabis industry may have found an all-natural and highly effective way for women ... Read More »

Blind Man With A Winning Lottery Ticket Asks A Stranger If He Won. I Did NOT Expect This!


A visually impaired man with a triumphant lottery ticket inquires as to whether he won… yet watch what she does! As much as we wish everybody was straightforward, the miserable the truth is that there are a few people who don’t generally merit our trust. What’s more, with regards to outsiders, regardless of the fact that we don’t do this ... Read More »

NOW HIRING: Willie Nelson Needs You To Work For His Cannabis Company, Starting Salary Of $65,000!


Yes, you read that correctly and this is for real! Willie Nelson has just launched a legitimate business and needs your help. The legendary singer plans on hiring a production manager, extractor, compliance officer, bookkeeper, and a sales director, among other positions for his new company. But, there is a catch. You need at least two years of experience working ... Read More »

How To Train Your Brain to Fall Asleep In 30 Seconds!


If it takes you around 15 minutes to fall asleep each night, that’s more than 91 hours per year that you’ve lost. You’re basically spending more than two 40-hour workweeks just lying in bed, waiting to fall asleep! If you have insomniac tendencies and take more than an hour to fall asleep each night, you’re spending more than nine 40-hour ... Read More »