August 15, 2018 4:49 am

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This Girl Pretended To Be Drunk To See How Men Would React


Is it just me or when you were young and experiencing alcohol for the first few times, did you pretend to be slightly more drunk than you actually were? Seriously three gulps of WKD and I was off my trolley. I’m not sure if I actually convinced myself that I was or I just thought it was the done thing. ... Read More »

Saudi Prince Arrested After Two Tonnes Of Amphetamines Are Found On Private Jet


As a Saudi Prince, you might expect to be forgiven for accidentally thinking you’re above the law. After all, careering around the streets in supercars, eating in the world’s best restaurants and spending a milli’ on a single shopping spree are the norm.  Yep – the corridors of power are lined with gold leaf. And amphetamines. Wait. What? Well, despite ... Read More »

Video Shows Moment Bus Driver Stops Woman Committing Suicide From Bridge


In this dramatic footage, a bus driver saves a woman from herself – as she attempts to climb over the side of a road bridge in Nanjing, China. Bus driver Bian Pengfei saw the woman attempting to jump and immediately stopped the bus and ran to her aid. At risk of plummeting into Yangtze River, the girl is hurriedly approached by ... Read More »

Man Pays $2 For An Old Photo, He Is Now Set To Be A Millionaire After This Insane Discovery


I’m not often wowed by episodes of The Antiques Roadshow, but sometimes they really do find priceless gems which have been lost for hundreds of years. Occasionally you can stumble across something worth thousands through sheer luck – it’s rare, but it can be that easy. While it’s unlikely it will ever happen to you, it is exactly what happened when a collector ... Read More »

The History of America Captured In 50 Iconic Photographs


It’s not always about selfies and dick-pics. The invention of the camera has allowed human beings to capture the most significant and momentous moments in history. And one country steeped in infamous, jubilant and controversial history is the United States of America. From the assassination of presidents to putting man on the moon, the US has proven to be a ... Read More »

British Architect Designs Sleeping Pods For The Homeless In London


James Furzer is a British architect who came up with an amazingly innovative idea for providing shelter to the homeless that are currently left with no option but to live in the streets of London. He has created sleeping pods that can be attached to buildings and can serve as temporary housing for the homeless. The project has been named ... Read More »

Make Your Own Stone Pathway Like An Engineer


Gardening is surely a fun hobby. However, like every hobby it requires time, dedication and a certain amount of commitment. No, this article is not about gardening, but rather about how you can tweak your garden by incorporating a stone pathway. What’s so special about this particular kind? It is convenient and not messy at all. The key idea is ... Read More »

Couple Quit Their Jobs And Build A Dream Home For $500 Only


Building the dream home is a goal that everyone has but not everyone is able to execute it the way they want to. Usually that happens because of the budget cuts, but did you know that you could build your dream house only for $500? It won’t have large garages for your imaginary Porsche though! We know everyone’s dream house is ... Read More »