November 19, 2018 9:44 am

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Detox Your Body Overnight with Homemade Foot Pads – Here’s How!

Foot pads are commonly worn in Japan – people stick the pads to the soles of their feet to rid their body of toxins through the night. The next morning they wake up with dark pads full of toxins from the body. Many people believe in the health benefits of the pads after years of practising the technique every night, ... Read More »

Here’s What Happens To Your Body If You Eat Ginger Every Day

t’s no coincidence that ginger has been used as a natural medicine for several hundred years. Now science is again and again revealing that the root plant has some seriously awesome effects on health. The edible part, the root itself, is recognizable at grocery shops everywhere. Personally, I eat ginger pretty rarely- not because I dislike it, but because I ... Read More »

Farmer Feels Swift Justice Of Karma As He Tries To Kill A Pig With An Axe

This ridiculous footage shows the moment a hapless farmer nearly knocked himself out as he attempted to kill a pig with an axe. The unnamed farmer, armed with every pig-murderers weapon of choice – a large axe, walks up to the unknowing pig and, like a medieval executioner, slowly raises his instrument of death… It’s at this point that the ... Read More »

The Real-Life Cave: Man Built Himself A $230,000 Home In The Hills

I remember seeing what I can only describe as a moody millennials’ meme, which stated “all I need is a cabin in the woods, a log fire and Wifi”. While Angelo Mastropietro doesn’t technically have a cabinin the woods, he does have a rather incredible crib which ticks the two other boxes. Having founded a successful recruitment firm in Australia, ... Read More »

Horrifying Dash Cam Footage Captures The Moment A Car Accidentally Drove Off A Cliff

Our brains are constantly firing thoughts: What am I having for dinner? Did someone just text me? Are those boobs real? So it’s perfectly normal that every once in a while when we are driving we get distracted and unfocused on the task. Many of us have taken our eyes off the road at some point to skip to the ... Read More »

Horror Moment ‘ISIS’ Suicide Bomber Kills 10 And Injures More In Istanbul Tourist Hotspot

A SUICIDE bomber thought to be a foreign member of ISIS is believed to have caused this morning’s explosion at a packed tourist hotspot in Istanbul. At least ten people were killed in the explosion in the Turkish city’s historic Sultanahmet district – where thousands of Brits visit every year. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan says the suicide bomber is ... Read More »

The Annual “No Pants Day” Hits Subways And Tubes Around The World

Despite the cold weather and unhygienic nature of the event, yesterday saw the 16th annual “No Pants Day” take place on subway networks around the world. If you haven’t heard of the event, it’s basically where commuters opt to where no trousers/pants (depending on your country) on the underground trains of major cities, acting as if it’s just another day. Perhaps ... Read More »

Something to Ponder: Why Do We Have a Groove Between Our Top Lip and Nose?

The human face is arguably one of our most important features as emotional and cognitive beings.  It can communicate more than words ever will be able to, all with a single look or glance.  No two faces are ever identical (unless you’re a twin), but we all have a pair of eyes, a nose, a mouth, and a philtrum. Yes, ... Read More »