February 20, 2020 1:40 am

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Women Start Turning Into Their Moms At 33 Years Old, Study Reveals

When we’re young, one of our greatest fears is turning into our moms. You know what we mean, right? Not that we don’t love our moms, they’re the best! But when you’re young, you really can’t fathom turning into someone … old. Plus, we all promised ourselves we’d be the cool mom, right? We wouldn’t give our kids curfews, and ... Read More »

Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Mollie Tibbetts Gets Taxpayer Money for Defense

The illegal alien on trial for allegedly killing Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts has been granted thousands of dollars for his defense. Cristhian Bahena-Rivera, an illegal immigrant from Mexico who was working under an alias, told police that he followed Tibbetts before getting mad, panicking, blacking out, and finding her dead. He took law enforcement officers to her body in a cornfield in ... Read More »

Bring Back Home Economics Class Because Our Kids Lack Basic Life Skills

Some of you have surely studied Home Economics or Family and Consumer Sciences back at school, classes that taught us the basic skills needed for our daily life.  On the courses, girls learned to sew, cook, manage the budget and finances, while young boys learned to build things, use tools, fix things, etc. According to the Huffington Post: “Home Economics was ... Read More »

Why Is It So Hard for Women to Be Selfish?

Last November, I set aside several days to take meetings with my editors and agent in the heart of Manhattan. Over the course of five days, I saw a Broadway show, hit as many coffee joints as possible, met a friend for craft cocktails, and shopped along Fifth Avenue. I ran nonstop. I ignored text messages. I walked the streets ... Read More »

Visit the Enchanting Southern Town That Was Built for a Movie (and Never Torn Down)

Tim Burton’s 2003 film Big Fish follows the fantastical life of Edward Bloom, played by Ewan McGregor as a young man. With stories of giants, witches, and werewolves, the line between reality and embellishment is always blurry in Bloom’s tall tales, but we’ve always been especially smitten with young Edward’s discovery of the curious — but enchanting — town of Spectre, tucked away behind a haunted forest. Years ... Read More »

Psychiatric Medications Kill More Americans than Heroin

In 2014, 10,574 people died of heroin overdose while 15,778 died from an overdose of psychiatric medications, nearly 50% more. We often hear the shocking fact that deaths from heroin increased nearly 5 fold (374%) between 1999 and 2014, but rarely – if ever – do we hear that deaths from psychiatric drug overdoses have increased nearly 4 fold (278%) ... Read More »

24 Situations Anyone Who Is Extremely Tired Can Understand

The truth is that it’s extremely difficult to be able to do all the necessary things in the modern world and get enough sleep, simultaneously. So, it’s not surprising that some of these tired people will use any opportunity to take a small break and have a little rest. Bright Side found 23 photos showing the power of sleepiness. After ... Read More »

50 Important Social Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow

Etiquette isn’t reserved for Southerners and country folks only. Every human being who has to exist in a social setting must follow these simple rules. They’re constitutional laws, but they form a customary code of polite behavior that everyone is expected to act out in a social setting. They make a person appear more disciplined, cultured, and refined. There’s no ... Read More »