October 17, 2018 9:17 am

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McDonalds Has Finally Revealed How They Make Their Delicious Fries

There’s no doubt in my mind that McDonald’s Fries taste a lot like unconditional love. What the world is slightly less certain about is what exactly goes into a McDonald’s French Fry. Well, the fast-food empire has launched a marketing campaign in the US, Canada and Australia to answer some of your questions. Naturally, the video starts on a farm, harvesting ... Read More »

Topless Albanian News Anchor Is Replaced By Even More Topless Presenter

A TV station in Albania has employed almost-topless news anchors to boost its audience. Obviously we love everything about the idea and had to check it out immediately. Their aim was to grab their audiences attention and considering we are now fully considering tuning into the news in Albania, we’re pretty certain it has worked. Zjarr TV owner Ismet Drishti spoke out ... Read More »

So Apparently THIS Is How Much It Costs To Manufacture An iPhone

Apple, who are well known for keeping their cards close to their chest, gave ABC a rare glimpse into their Chinese factories. ABC news reporter Bill Weir got a look into the iFactory but his report unwittingly gave more information than it perhaps intended. Although we all know full well how much an iPhone costs to buy, we are completely unaware ... Read More »

Prankster Catches Out Gold Digger In The Most Bad Ass Way Possible

I really do enjoy a good social experiment – especially one of this nature. A recent occurrence proves that we really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (which really makes me re-think the fact that I judged the guy on the train this morning for wearing sweat pants). Prankster, Josh Paler Lin, decided to catch someone out for being ... Read More »

65-Year-Old Man Marries 12-Year-Old Girl In Times Square For Social Experiment

What would you do if you saw a wedding party that contained a 65-year-old groom and a 12-year-old bride? Well the people of New York were forced to confront that very question thanks to a social experiment held in Times Square. Designed to raise awareness about child brides all over the world, this was the brainchild of YouTube star Coby Persin. Angry New ... Read More »

3 High-Tech Ways To Make Your Pet Comfortable When It’s Home Alone

Your pet is a part of your family. Heck, your pet is a part of who you are as a person. So it’s only natural to feel that nagging sense of guilt when you leave your home and leave your furry friend behind. The heartbreaking truth is, your pet can’t stand it when you’re away. Every minute of your absence ... Read More »

A Student Nearly Died After Forgetting She Left A Tampon In For 9 Days, YESSS 9 Days

Tampons are universally hated by women around the world who associate them with the pain and bloating of their monthly periods. But did you know that if accidentally forgotten about, tampons can cause pain and bloating completely unrelated to your period, and can even turn deadly? This worrying fact is something Emily Pankhurst, a 20-year-old criminology student from Kent, knows all too well. She ... Read More »

Egypt Accidentally Sentenced A 4-Year-Old Boy To Life In Prison For Murder

If you thought you were a terrible two-year-old, you’ve got nothing on Ahmed Mansour Sharara. He’s been pardoned after being accidentally sentenced to life in prison for murder. The case stemmed from an anti-government protest in January 2014, when Ahmed was just two years old. During the protest, security forces killed a 52-year-old teacher, an 18-year-old student, and a 28-year-old construction worker. The security officers then ... Read More »