August 18, 2018 7:01 am

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This Incredible Optical Illusion Will Make You See A Hole In Your Hand


If you had the kind of family members who liked to pull coins out from behind your ear and trick you into thinking their thumb had fallen off, you’ve probably come across this weird optical illusion before. If you take a roll of paper and look through it with one eye whilst staring at your hand with another, it looks like a hole ... Read More »

This Video Reminds Us All How Important It Is To Stand Up Against Bullying


I’m a ’80s kid. I played outside, drank from garden hoses, and rode my bike in the middle of the street. I wore my brother’s old t-shirts, straight-leg jeans, and Nike running shoes. This was the age before Facebook, you know! Sure, we had MSN Messenger, but that was only just starting to really take off in my town. So, ... Read More »

Dolce & Gabbana Calls New Shoe ‘Slave Sandal’


Dolce & Gabbana can’t stop putting its foot in its mouth. In this case that foot is wearing a multi-colored, pom-pom embellished sandal. The Italian luxury label recently uploaded pieces from its Spring Summer ’16 collection to its website for pre-order. Among them is a vibrant bedazzled shoe which the brand called the “Slave Sandal,” though it appears that the ... Read More »

This Is What Happens To An Alcoholics’ Brain When They Quit Drinking


In the United States, alcoholism is the third cause of preventable death which is accountable for nearly 88,000 deaths per year. Yet, a lot of the time, we’re blindsided by people’s alcohol intake because it’s such a socially acceptable activity. Just like taking medication, doing exercise and eating create chemical reactions in the brain, so does alcohol and the lack ... Read More »

What Actually Motivates Serial Killers To Murder? Just Shocking!


It’s a question which has been poured over for centuries. What possesses a person to kill again and again? Only a tiny proportion of killers are prolific, with many murders falling under the category of “crime of passion”. However, scientists are now beginning to build a new understanding of what drives these individuals to kill again. A new infographic provided by ... Read More »

What This Makeup Artist Does With A Cotton Ball Is Bizarre, But Totally Worth Trying


If you’re into the beauty scene, you know that makeup hacks abound. Some are cool, some are useless, and some are just plain weird, but when you find one that works, it can save you tons of time and money. And if there’s one thing that almost every makeup lover under the sun wants, it’s longer lashes. You could wear ... Read More »

New Government Bill Requires WhatsApp And iMessage To Weaken Their Own Security


When it comes to modern day communication, the messaging apps WhatsApp and iMessage really do rule the waves. In fact, WhatsApp have just celebrated reaching ONE BILLION subscribers – an incredible milestone. That said, it seems the celebrations may be coming to an end. The Investigatory Powers Bill (or, Snoopers’ Charter), is to be passed by the UK government after ... Read More »

This Is What It Actually Feels Like To Be Shot, According To Science


We’ve all seen those Hollywood films where the hero takes several gunshots to the body, but is still able to fight off 20 bad guys, escape an explosion, kill the bad guy and shag the girl, but exactly how accurate is that? Well, the presenters of the BBC’s Brit Lab wanted to find out what it’s actually like to be shot by a 900mph ... Read More »