October 17, 2018 11:12 pm

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This Supercargo Vehicle Is Something Out Of This World

This is Steinwinter supercargo built in 1987 and it is nothing you’ve ever seen before. It was built to serve as a multi purpose vehicle like hauling cargo containers. Its look is sure very unique.   Read More »

This Is Why ‘F’ And ‘J’ On A Keyboard Have Those Little Bumps

Every single day we come across things that are completely strange and obscure, yet we never stop to question their existence because they have become commonplace. The reason why there is a little bump on the ‘F’ and ‘J’ on our keyboards is one of these things. If you work with computers then you’ve probably noticed the grooves before, but never thought ... Read More »

So That’s What That Weird White String Inside An Egg Yolk Is, You Can All Sleep Easy Now

Have you ever heard about the chalaza (pronounced: cuh-lay-zuh) before? No I didn’t think so. For those of you who have no idea what I’m referring to, it’s the white, rope like thing that’s hanging onto the yolk when you crack an egg. While eggs get consumed millions and millions of times every day, I doubt many people take the time to ... Read More »

Having An Irrational Fear Of Germs Is An Actual Psychiatric Disorder

Does the thought of contracting an illness from one of the following situations cause you massive anxiety? Being in the same room as someone who sneezes, using a public toilet, doctors waiting rooms, trains, swimming pools, restaurants…I could go on. Well, for some people the thought of having to be in one of those scenarios causes a huge amount of stress. ... Read More »

For The First Time, A Country Has Just Approved A Gene-Editing Programme

The embryonic stage of gestation is one of the most scrutinized yet least understood aspects of human biology. With many seemingly healthy couples told they can’t conceive, it is an area which requires further research. However, the results from a newly-sanctioned study could have huge knock-on effects in medicine, fertility treatment and our overall understanding of human development. The study, which ... Read More »

This Is Why Your ‘Locked’ Luggage Isn’t As Safe As You Think

When traveling, it’s best not to keep valuable items in a locked suitcase. Your passport, credit cards, cash, and other important items should stay on your person (or at least close by). Some people believe that locking them in a suitcase is a safe alternative…but it isn’t. Even if you have a strong lock, the suitcase can be breached with ... Read More »

If You Get Arrested, What Happens To Your Dog?

Owning a pet is actually quite a big deal. If you want to take a trip or visit a friend for the night, you have to make sure that there’s someone who can either pet-sit or  visit your home regularly to feed, walk and clean up after it. It’s easy to think that you could just ask someone to take ... Read More »

Anonymous Hack Trumps Voicemails, Then Post Embarrassing Messages Online

Have Donald Trumps election hopes just been derailed? In recent weeks its looked increasingly likely that he would secure enough votes to lead the Republican party into the upcoming election. However Anonymous may have thrown a spanner in the works by hacking the businessman’s phone and posting the leaked messages online. The voice mails could prove troublesome for the controvercial ... Read More »