August 15, 2018 4:49 am

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This is how hard it was to send email in 1984


“I see you have your computer linked to the telephone line, can you tell us how you did that?” Those are the words of a Thames TV host back in 1984 explaining the first steps needed to send an email before most people even knew what email was. Even for long-time Internet users, the imagery in the video is pretty ... Read More »

Kid’s Dream Came True When He Received A Signed Jersey From Lionel Messi


After this photo of an Afghan boy playing in a ‘Messi’ t-shirt made out of a plastic bag became an internet hit, Lionel Messi decided to arrange something for him. He sent him a genuine jersey with his signature on it. Needless to say, 5-year-old Murtaza Ahmadi couldn’t be happier. Moreover, it is planned that the boy will meet the ... Read More »

This 200 Year Old Unremarkable House Will Surely Surprise You


This shabby looking house in New Orleans will make your jaw drop when you walk inside. If you like modern and old combined together, this house is for you. The dwelling, with 1,811 sq ft (168 m2), has an open kitchen with a granite island, 2 full bathrooms with a Japanese soaking tub and a rain shower that overlook a ... Read More »

85-Year-Old Farmer Given Makeover By Grandson And Is Transformed Into Fashion Icon


The young creative, who goes by the name XiaoYeJieXi (@小野杰西) on Weibo, dressed the octogenarian in fashionable pieces like colorful three-piece suits, felted hats, and tailored denim. XiaoYeJieXi then photographed his grandfather among a vibrant cityscape, resulting in series that looks like it’s on the pages of a glossy magazine. Despite the polished look of these images, XiaoYeJieXi’s intention wasn’t ... Read More »

City Counsel Refused A Garage Permit, This Man Didn’t Give A Damn


A retired shop owner living in Belgium recently asked his local governing body for a permit to build a garage door. The permit was denied. So this savvy retiree did what any person would do in this case…build one anyway. This old man is a Grade A certified badass.   Read More »

This Supercargo Vehicle Is Something Out Of This World


This is Steinwinter supercargo built in 1987 and it is nothing you’ve ever seen before. It was built to serve as a multi purpose vehicle like hauling cargo containers. Its look is sure very unique.   Read More »

This Is Why ‘F’ And ‘J’ On A Keyboard Have Those Little Bumps


Every single day we come across things that are completely strange and obscure, yet we never stop to question their existence because they have become commonplace. The reason why there is a little bump on the ‘F’ and ‘J’ on our keyboards is one of these things. If you work with computers then you’ve probably noticed the grooves before, but never thought ... Read More »

So That’s What That Weird White String Inside An Egg Yolk Is, You Can All Sleep Easy Now


Have you ever heard about the chalaza (pronounced: cuh-lay-zuh) before? No I didn’t think so. For those of you who have no idea what I’m referring to, it’s the white, rope like thing that’s hanging onto the yolk when you crack an egg. While eggs get consumed millions and millions of times every day, I doubt many people take the time to ... Read More »