August 15, 2018 4:49 am

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9 Rules For Being Human [Handed Down From An Ancient Sanskrit]


So precise and correct, the rules for being human are my personal lesson. More like the general rules, the guide for being human shows where should one person focus his presence in this world, since he receives a body (see #1). So, below you’ll find an Ancient Sanskrit describing 9 rules for being human. If you ask me #8 holds enormous ... Read More »

BREAKING: The UN Has Officially Declared The Beginning Of World War III


The chairman of the Security Councils of the United Nations, Raimonda Murmokaite, officially declared from New York on Wednesday that after World War II ended, several countries have declared against the forces called itself Islamic State or ISIS. An association of countries was held includes: The U.S, Russia, Germany, France, Iran and Iraq. All member had agreement together to destroy ... Read More »

Someone Is Throwing Out Coffins With Bodies Inside Of Them At This Graveyard


The unlucky guy who captured this bizarre footage will definitely never forget what he saw. While visiting what appeared to be a beautiful, serene cemetery, the cameraman in question decided to head out through a passageway that led to a beautiful view of the sea. When he panned to the left, however, he saw what looked like a trash heap ... Read More »

There’s Something Surrounding Your City, And You’ve Probably Never Noticed It


What makes religious practices and customs so beautiful is often their powerful silence. The fact that practices associated with religions ranging from Christianity to Hinduism are so quietly deliberate is a testament to the function of faith itself. While they often go unnoticed outside of spiritual circles, they hold deep significance within these communities. Such is the case with the ... Read More »

These Massive Differences Between Salaries In India & Other Countries Are Just Depressing


Recently, we ran a story about how India is one of the lowest salary paying countries to entry-level employees in the entire Asia Pacific region, a fact revealed by Towers Watson study. The average monthly starting salary in India is Rs. 24,000, which is less than one-fifth of the equivalent paid in South Korea and Singapore. To put things in perspective, ... Read More »

This Gun Looks Like An iPhone, Which Is A Terrifying Development


An American startup has decided to act against popular consensus and produce a gun that is easier to hide, and harder for anyone to identify. The ‘Ideal Conceal’ is a .380-caliber derringer with two bullets loaded in two barrels, and when it is folded in a closed position it looks like an iPhone. The ‘Ideal Conceal’ website says: Ingeniously designed ... Read More »

Retro Photos Of New York City’s Sinister Underground


The summer of 1969 in New York City was a time of unity, one where culture and community thrived.  But 11 years later, that sense of hope had faded away into a spirit of disillusionment, violent crime had become common placeand friendly neighborhoods were now ghettos you made every effort to avoid. One particularly dangerous place during the early 80’s was the New ... Read More »

Supercharge Your Metabolism By Drinking This On An Empty Stomach. People Are Raving About This Discovery!


As we explore our dieting and ways on how we can make it better, we often find ourselves a little lost and unsure of what direction we should go in order to get ourselves back into shape. Luckily, there are an abundance of home remedies and recipes that you can use to amplify your daily routine as well as your ... Read More »