October 17, 2018 11:05 pm

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New Technology Means Passports Could Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

It looks like passports could soon become a thing of the past as new technology could allow us to carry them on our smartphones. UK company, De La Rue, is working on a solution for that moment of horror we have all felt at some point: “Where the fuck is my passport!?” A spokesperson for De La Rue told The Telegraph ... Read More »

2 Year Old ‘Witch Child’ Who Was Left To Die Makes Stunning Recovery

You might remember Hope from a story we covered about a month ago. The two-year-old Nigerian boy was abandoned by his family, who suspected that he was a witch, and wandered the streets alone for eight months. On January 31st, Hope was rescued by Danish aid worker Anja Ringgren Loven, who began to treat his condition. Just eight weeks later, ... Read More »

Why This Common Cooking Oil is a Cancer Nightmare

In 1956, a major cooking oil company published a series of magazine advertisements claiming that “fried foods become light foods” when vegetable oil is used in place of butter or lard. The clear message to health-savvy homemakers was that vegetable oil was a low-calorie solution to the more traditional fats they were cooking with. Millions of well-meaning cooks took the bait ... Read More »

This Is What Happens When You Wrap Your Teeth In Aluminum Foil

I love a cheeky life hack that will help protect the contents of my wallet and I can safely admit that this one definitely will. Teeth whitening is a very expensive process if you want it done properly, but there are a load of cheaper shortcuts on the market. However, we have one for you that is almost free of ... Read More »

An Ancient Underground City Has Just Been Discovered In Turkey

It would be utterly naive of us to think that we have discovered everything there is to know about the ancient civilisations that came before us. Whether or not you keep up with gripping trends in the archaeological world, things are happening all the time to unearth more historical secrets. It just so happens that an ancient underground settlement has ... Read More »

Outrage At Lenient Sentences For Pair Who Head-Butted Dog And Threw It Down Stairs

Brothers Daniel and Andrew Frankish, respectively 19 and 22, filmed themselves head-butting and jumping on a bulldog before throwing it down a flight of stairs. The sentence they were handed is currently receiving widespread criticism for being too lenient. Appearing at Hartlepool Magistrates last week, the brothers received a 21 week sentence suspended for two years and a tagged curfew for six months. ... Read More »

Laser Hair Removal In Slow Motion Is Brutal

Laser hair removal might look like an innocent flash and a poof of smoke, but up close it looks more like a savage shootout Quentin Tarantino would be proud of. The team from YouTube channel Veritasium took a ride to a beauty salon with a super slow motion camera to discover what exactly goes on when you zap your body hair with a ... Read More »

The Trend Of Massive Tattoos That Cover Large Parts Of The Body

So far we have seen numerous tattoos, that show drawings and forms. But a new trend called ‘blackout’ is a massive tattoo that covers a certain part of the body. Rather than make a permanent drawings on the body, this form is the pigmentation of the skin with black color. Initially, these were made to hide the previous tattoos, but ... Read More »