January 22, 2019 2:02 am

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12 Warning Signs That You Are Dealing With An Evil Person

While we like to think that we know what evil is, true evil is much more intelligent and will often seem like it is not there. People are essentially good – whatever they turn out to be, there will always be some good in them. And no matter how much we wish to see the good in everyone, there are ... Read More »

8 Facts About The Female Body That You Should Know About

We are all more or less aware of the incredible endurance of the female body. From enduring labor pains to its uncanny ability to remember small details, its power and resourcefulness are undeniable. However, there are many facts about the female body that are less apparent and may surprise you. For instance, did you know that a woman’s body is ... Read More »

10 Strange Behaviors Of An Authentic Empath

You have discovered you might be an empath and want to know the exact signs – it is not all bad you know! Once you learn the tricks of psychic protection, you will find it much easier to navigate this world without being energetically punched down all the time. 1. You Take On Other People’s Energy You really can’t help ... Read More »

19 Harsh Truths About Life That Will Force You to Get Your Shit Together

Throughout life, we learn a variety of hard to stomach truths that no one wants to face. However, the sooner we realize these things and accept them, the better. Life is all about getting your shit together and going ahead. It is all about understanding how precious life is and how easy it is to lose one’s way in it. ... Read More »

Women Need More Sleep Than Men Because Their Brains Work Harder, According To Science

Science has confirmed that women have more complex brains, which suggests that they need more sleep. Professor Jim Horne, director of the Sleep Research Centre at Loughborough University has a specific explanation on the importance of sleeping. According to Jim Horne: “For women, poor sleep is strongly associated with high levels of psychological distress and greater feelings of hostility, depression, ... Read More »

With This New Superhighway You Can Travel With Car From USA To Europe

The 12,400 mile superhighway from Britain to America: Plans proposed for VERY ambitious road across Russia Britain could be linked with America by road as part of an ambitious project to create the world’s longest superhighway spanning half the circumference of the globe. Proposals have been put forward to build the mega route stretching about 12,400 miles from the western ... Read More »

Scientists Have Discovered A Drug That Regrows Teeth And Fixes Cavities !

It’s a common thing that has been going on for decades, have a cavity in your mouth, time to get a filling or an even more costly time-consuming root canal. But what if these dental procedures could soon be a thing of the past. GOODBYE FILLINGS, ONCE AND FOREVER Researchers have discovered that one of the drugs developed to help ... Read More »

The Scientific Secrets on How to Get Someone to Fall in Love with You

In case you were ever wondering, yes, there are scientific ways to know how to get someone to fall in love with you. You want this person to fall in love with you, I get it. Listen, my personal advice would be not to try and learn how to get someone to fall in love with you. If they realize ... Read More »