October 17, 2018 9:17 am

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Why I Meditate

I have been searching for “answers” most of my life and have written about an epiphany in 2007 when I watched a TED video in which geneticist Juan Enriquez spoke of DNA not as “like” software, but as encoded instructions. At that time I was struck by the reality (as opposed to the abstract notion) that there must be or ... Read More »

If You Find This In Your Rental Car, You Should Immediately Demand A Refund

When you rent a car, you just accept the risk that something really gross probably happened in that vehicle at some point before it found its way to you. Sort of like thinking about what goes down in hotel rooms for too long is unsettling, dedicating too much thought to what’s happened in a car that’s been passed around so ... Read More »

The Incredible Reason Finland Has The Best Schools In The World

Australia’s education standards are on the slide, while Finland’s are the envy of the world. How do they do it? A revolutionary approach that does everything differently. In Finland, students are in day-care until the age of seven – learning through songs, games and conversation, rather than going to school and hitting the books. When they do get to school, ... Read More »

Homeless Bodybuilder Trains Like A Beast With No Weights

This homeless bodybuilder is proof that you don’t need to spend big to get into incredible shape. Jacques Sayagh is in his fifties, and despite living on the streets of Paris with no access to a gym, he sculpted an incredible physique. Check it out: Footage of Jacques showcasing how he trains went viral two years ago, but his methods ... Read More »

Father Absolutely Launches Himself At Daughter’s Killer In US Courtroom

An incredible moment has transpired in a Cleveland courtroom, as a father tried to attack his daughter’s killer. Michael Madison had been sentenced to death after being convicted last month for the rape and murder of three women, Angela Deskins, Shetisha Sheeley and Terry. At the sentencing, just minutes after the judge handed down the death penalty, Shirellda’s father, Van ... Read More »

There will be more new jobs in solar than oil by the end of 2016

According to numbers tabulated by Indeed, the world’s highest traffic job site, the solar panel industry will be the largest energy job producer by late 2016. The drop in job listings for those in the oil industry have occurred because of falling profits accompanying a decrease in demand. Over the past two years, oil job postings are declining by around 12.6% ... Read More »

Being Vegetarian Could Help You Live Longer

Mankind’s place in the food chain is once again under scrutiny, after a new study found evidence that eliminating meat from our diet could reduce mortality rates and potentially beef up our lifespan. Though the data is highly variable and not totally conclusive, overall trends do not make for good reading for meat lovers, indicating that certain types of animal ... Read More »

Game of Thrones: The Mountain Has Revealed His Giant Diet … Here’s What It Would Do To You

“If you want to grow big and strong, you’ll need to eat up!” It’s a piece of advice we’ve probably all heard at some point in our lives. But at 6ft 9in (2.06 metres) and 180kg, and with the strength to deadlift almost 1,000lbs, few will have taken it as seriously as Icelandic strongman Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. Björnsson plays “The ... Read More »