October 17, 2018 9:17 am

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This Guy Collects And Eats Old Military Rations Dating Back To The Civil War

The Internet was built to make celebrities out of people like YouTube user Steve1989 MREinfo. This YouTuber has developed a significant following for his video posts showcasing his collection of old military rations. What makes his videos remarkable is the fact that Steve1989 MREinfo EATS the contents of the rations once he opens them on camera. Though these MREs and ... Read More »

Can You Figure Out This Toothpick Brain Teaser?

Here’s a brain-teaser you can try at home with just a few spare toothpicks and a well-oiled brain. The challenge was recently posted to Quora by Brian Hoang, who picked it up from his waiter in a restaurant. All you have to do is get 12 toothpicks and set them up in the pattern shown below. The aim of the ... Read More »

The Winners Of The 2016 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

The National Geographic travel photography contest 2016 has come to an end and it’s time to announce the winners! Chosen from more than 10,000 entries, below are the best travel photographs of the year. The grand prize went to Anthony Lau from Hong Kong for his stunning photograph of a horseman in Inner Mongolia. Other winners included Hiroki Inoue who ... Read More »

The TRUE Size Of Africa – An Erroneous Map Misled Us For 500 Years!

Although featured in ‘The West Wing’, this map dishonesty is anything but fictional. The video below will give you an accurate look at the size of Africa. People are often not aware of how large Africa continent really is. The image below is an accurate look at Africa relative to some major countries: The map shows how Africa (30,3 million ... Read More »

The Truth About Cast Iron Pans: 10 Facts You Need To Know

Cooks seeking alternatives to toxic non-stick cookware often find themselves in a bind. Stainless steel, which seems to be the healthiest alternative, is expensive, and it does not lend itself well to cooking eggs, pancakes and other dishes that non-stick cookware typically excels at. If you have not yet discovered the benefits of cast iron cooking, here are 10 reasons ... Read More »

Meet The Man Persecuted For Curing Cancer Naturally – Dr. Max Gerson

Treating disease through nutritional therapy and detoxification is not a new treatment modality. Dr. Max Gerson discovered the power of healing through nutrition and detoxification more than eighty years ago. Gerson suffered from migraines since childhood. His early experiments with diet were conducted as a means to find a cure. After becoming an M.D., he recommended his successful migraine diet ... Read More »

Inside The World’s Oldest Hotel That’s Been Passed Down 52 Japanese Generations During Its 1,311 Year History

Now THAT’S called a family heirloom! Hot-spring hotel Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan opened its doors in 705 AD in Japan’s Yamanashi prefecture It’s hosted important guests ranging from emperors to samurai. The traditional inn remains popular today The key attraction is its six natural hot-spring baths although Mount Fuji is also within driving distance When it comes to family heirlooms, Fujiwara Mahito has ... Read More »

This Facebook Messenger Hack Can Let People See What Links You’re Sending

There have been reports of a strange trick that is potentially leaving links in your private Facebook messages open for strangers to access. It may come as a worry that your flirty memes and viral cat video messages might have been snooped on, but there are reportedly no plans to fix the bug. According to a recent report by cybersecurity company ... Read More »