June 18, 2018 9:00 pm

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Scientists Invent Super Quick Charging Battery


STANFORD, CA – Scientists from Stanford University have invented the first high-performance aluminum battery that offers a fast-charging, long-lasting, cheap and safe (and better) alternative to the lithium-ion batteries regularly used in cell phones and laptops today. Hongjie Dai the Stanford chemistry professor responsible for the invention and his team describe their novel battery as “an ultra-fast rechargeable aluminum-ion battery.” ... Read More »

Photographer Shows That Heroes Live Among Us

Superwoman & Superman – Teresa & Ghalib, Lebanon.

This photographic series by Martin Beck challenges the stereotype of Superheroes revealing them not as unrealistic comic book characters but rather as regular people who, even through their own personal struggles, have the potential to become heroes in their own way by helping others. “Martin’s Heroes are regular people not restricted by race, religion or beliefs. They live among us, ... Read More »

8 Incredible Archaeological Finds Your History Books Probably Didn’t Mention


Sure, we’ve all ready about the Pyramids and the Pharaoh’s tombs in Egypt, but some of the most interesting archaeological finds in history are seldom mentioned in history books. It’s doubtful that all archaeology is as interesting as Indiana Jones or Robert Brown makes it seem. In fact, I’d venture a guess that most of it is really boring. Than ... Read More »

What Your Fingers Say About You


Did you know the length of your ring finger could indicate whether or not you are fertile, prone to prostate cancer or, if you are a women, likely to be a lesbian? A study in the British Journal of Cancer appears to show that men whose ring fingers are longer than their index fingers are more likely to develop prostate ... Read More »

He Walked 2600 Miles From Mexico To Canada… His Before & After Shots Are Almost Unbelievable.

screen shot 2015-03-30 at 7.09.59 am

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to push your physical limits and hike for thousands of miles across some of America’s most beautiful terrain? Furthermore, have you ever pondered what you would look at feel like after accomplishing such a feat? Andy Davidhazy didn’t just wonder these things – he actually did them. For each one of ... Read More »

Top 10 Most Valuable Precious Metals


Rarity alone isn’t enough to qualify a metal as precious. It must also be naturally occurring, lustrous and ductile, possess a high melting point and low reactivity and, most important to anyone wishing to wear jewelry made from the metal, it must not be radioactive. All of these factors contribute to a metal’s value and cost per gram isn’t necessarily ... Read More »

Underwater Babies: Photographer Takes Adorable Photos To Raise Awareness Of Drowning Children


Seth Casteel, a photographer based in NY and LA who is a pro at capturing underwater photos of dogs and puppies, has now turned his lens on yet another adorable and funny underwater subject – babies. He took roughly 10,000 photos of more than 750 babies for his Underwater Babies photo album, which can be found on Amazon. Some of ... Read More »

A Series Of Surreal Self-Portraits In Joshua Tree


Last week I headed over to Joshua Tree National Park to create a new photo series of surreal self-portraits. The goal was to experiment with reflections and explore the various ways I could creatively photograph myself. I brought my camera, tripod, and mirror (which eventually fell and shattered). The photographs were taken over the course of 3 hours, and most ... Read More »