September 19, 2018 1:28 pm

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Badass Afghanistan Vet Helps Rangers Hunt Down Poachers In Africa

The fight against illegal poaching in Africa is extremely frustrating – both because of the irreparable damage that poachers cause and because most of us are powerless to do anything about it. Not so for Kinessa Johnson, however – this tattooed, gun-toting badass US Army veteran works for VETPAW, an organization that connects US Armed Forces veterans with conservation rangers ... Read More »

20 Stunning Portrait Tattoos

Portrait tattoos are super risky. If they don’t come out right the likeness is lost and it no longer represents a person but becomes something new and unwanted. When done right portraits are absolutely breathtaking. These portrait tattoos are stunning beyond words, to be able to recreate the human structure on skin is truly remarkable. While not all these tattoos ... Read More »

19 Photo Stories To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Despite how it may sometimes feel, these photos help us remember that: Kindness does exist. Goodness does exist. And superheros walk among us. Here are 19 stories to restore your faith in humanity. Enjoy! 1. This man named Jorge Munoz who is paying it forward every single day in a major way. He says: “I’ll help anyone who needs to ... Read More »

This Restaurant Refuses Him Because Of How He Looks. But Then…

This Restaurant Refuses Him Because Of How He Looks. When He Comes Back In A Ferrari? Awesome! This broke my heart a little bit. It’s so sad, but it’s also so true. As much as we like to pretend that we don’t judge by appearance, we really do. I’m glad that he didn’t go in in the end. Resource: diply | JoshPalerLin Read More »

No One Has Been Able To Explain What Happened In These 10 Odd Photographs

There are a lot of unsolved mysteries out there in the world. It’s always our hope that someday, with the proper amount of science and research, we’ll be able to solve them. However, it’s more likely that these burning questions will remain unanswered. As far as these mysteries are concerned, all we have are photographs and pictures to puzzle over ... Read More »

10 Scary But Cool Bridges In The World

There are incredibly awesome places around the globe for adventures. For adventurers that like to enjoy and to feed the body with adrenaline there’s a lot of things that they can do and to enjoy. Wisance in this post try to bring some creative ideas for the brave travelers and enthusiasts. Crossing the most scariest bridges in the world. Yes maybe ... Read More »

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Spectacular Unknown Places

The beauties of the world and the man’s creations are hard to be described with words. We want to bring you that beauty with photos and to present you every places that we think is beautiful. In today’s post you can see top 10 places around the globe that we thinks you do not know about but that have really ... Read More »

The 25 Best Beaches in the World

We can all agree that after months of polar vortexes and a Winter that refused to quit, the idea of hitting the beach sounds pretty terrific, right? Well, we’re almost there. And to help get the ball rolling, we rounded up our favorite 25 beaches in the world. 1. Grande Anse Beach, La Digue Island, Seychelles 2. Rabbit Beach, Lampedusa, ... Read More »