November 19, 2018 9:58 am

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New Electric VW Bus To Be Released

The Volkswagen Westfalia Camper ceased production in 2003, but board member Dr Heinz-Jakob Neusser revealed that the bus will be coming back as an electric vehicle. Though images of the new vehicle have yet to be released, Dr. Heinz-Jakob Neusser, Volkswagen development boss on the automotive giant’s board of management, described the upcoming Camper concept to Autocar at the New York Auto Show. On the ... Read More »

This Desperate Man Is Literally Cooking Himself Alive For An Important Reason

A cancer diagnosis brings with it feelings of terror and unease. Twenty-five-year-old Jia Binhui knows this all too well. Nevertheless, this negativity isn’t stopping the young man in Yunlong County, China, from doing everything to change his future. However, instead of undergoing the medical treatment he can no longer afford, Binhui is using a method that most will find to ... Read More »

These 34 Rooms Are Straight Out Of Your Fantasies

The human race is full of powerful problem solvers. Thankfully, a few of our greatest thinkers have directed their mental power towards something useful: nap pods. Take a break from your job and explore the future of taking a break from your job. These things are INSANE. ENJOY! 1. It’s the first time “you’ll sleep with the fishes” was meant in ... Read More »

Top 10 Most Famous Churches In The World

If you’re building a temple to God, you’ll want it to look good. You’ll probably want what you’re building to be the greatest thing you ever did. This is likely why churches are some of our most beautiful and inspiring creations. Because, let’s be honest, you want God to be impressed with your work. You can’t just throw something together ... Read More »

The 20 Most Beautiful Showers Designs For Your Dream Home

We all have imagination and ideas of how will look our next dream home and what should it have e.t.c. Arranging the interior of your dream home is an interesting thing but it is also very hard if you don’t have enough ideas. But we are sure that the post and searching on net always helps. In this post we ... Read More »

Luxurious Design Inspiring Bedroom Ideas

Because of the extra care enough to imagine, some people are afraid to use white color for their homes, but many are like white for their home because the white color is neutral, and can be used by anyone. The majority opinion people that white is the color most appropriate to describe the purity and elegance. In addition, the white ... Read More »

Celebrities Whose Plastic Surgeries Went Wrong

Celebrities and models are generally beautiful when they are in front of camera. But some of them have a nature of wanting to be more beautiful than natural. Probably this is the main reason why they do Surgeries apart from accidents. But surgeries always don’t do good. Here are some examples. 1 Donatella Versace Donatella Versace was a fashion model ... Read More »

What Happened To This Ghost Town In Rural America In 1928 Will Break Your Heart

Lovell, Oklahoma, began its short life as a post office outpost back in 1889. By 1955, this small frontier town was completely abandoned. In the years since, nature has slowly reclaimed the empty homes and buildings. Recently, a few intrepid urban explorers visited what’s left of Lovell, and the story their photographs tell is beautifully heartbreaking. Lovell was officially settled ... Read More »