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17 Powerful Photographs From The History That You Never Thought Have Existed

The best headline could be for everyone at the time of world war-II

History is full of incredible events, people, wars and many unbelievable moments. When we look back before the era now, it leaves us stunned and fetches us to its depth. And as we indulge in the history, it let us know things which we didn’t expect ever. Pictures speak a lot then the words. It gives you the evidence of certainty ... Read More »

Engineer Pictured Fixing Plane’s Engine With ‘Duct Tape’ By Concerned EasyJet Passenger


A photograph taken by a shocked easyJet passenger appearing to show ground crew repairing an aeroplane with duct tape shortly before its departure has gone viral. The image, which has been widely shared online, was taken by Twitter user @adtomwood yesterday. “Always worrying when easyJet are duct taping the plane together :-s #finaldestination,” he wrote. source In the image a ... Read More »

10 Mind Blowing DIY Beauty Products Every Girl Will Be Happy To Know


You looked around – There is a different scrub for the hands, a different one for your face and yes, there is another one for your legs too! What say, ladies, why don’t we cut them some slack? Also for you, these expenses just too much to handle at times. No, no- groom yourself. Yes, because you know you deserve it! But let’s ... Read More »

These 23 Crazy Things That Are Perfectly Legal Somewhere In The U.S. and They’re Quite Shocking

8. Women walking around topless

Hard to believe, but all of these things are actually legal in at least one state of the country. 1. Drinking and driving There are no laws in Mississippi that prevent the possession or consumption of alcohol while driving, because Mississippi. 2. Driving a tank to the grocery store As long as your tank has rubber tires and has all ... Read More »

12 Great Photos That Show The Best Of United States Of America


Just like Michael says, there are many factors that have created the best in America. Undoubtedly, America is the most powerful nation and its widespread diversity being its exquisite feature makes every American proud of their country. The powerful photographs listed below are enough to describe the uniqueness of the United States of America. 1. Love after the war. A lady welcomes her husband ... Read More »

5 Body Parts You Didn’t Know You Could Heal Yourself


There are some amazing things that the body does with itself. One amazing thing is that there are body parts that can heal themselves. The body is an amazing organism because of its ability to heal itself. The body can’t regenerate itself like some lizards. That doesn’t mean the body can’t heal itself. Many body parts like the lungs, arteries, ... Read More »

Old Antibiotic Altered To Fight Six Types Of Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Various capsules and tablets in row

With antibiotic use becoming more widespread and frequent than ever before, many forms of bacteria are developing a resistance to these drugs, and it’s become one of the biggest challenges facing public health today. But new findings suggest that old, ineffective antibiotics could be altered to fight this global problem. Researchers in the US have found that if they slightly ... Read More »

With This Portable Ecocapsule You Can Live Off The Grid Anywhere In The World


Love the great outdoors, but not quite ready to go Into The Wild-style and give up hot water and electricity just yet? Slovakian architects have just revealed a super-compact capsule that promises to deliver a nomadic lifestyle, with all the renewable-powered comforts of home. And we really want one. The whole thing is pretty cramped, measuring just 2.55 m x 4.45 ... Read More »