November 19, 2018 9:50 am
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Nestle Has Been All But Stealing Millions Of Gallons Of California’s Water

I’ve heard of corporate greed revealing new heights of audacity but this is absurd. California is still fighting to survive some of the worst drought conditions in its history. Ecosystems are failing and wildlife is facing decimation. It has gotten to the point where a website for people to inform the government of water restriction violations  has been erected. This is called water shaming and has reportedly helped stop thousands of violators. The state may levy a fine as heavy as 500 dollars per day of violations.

The situation has become so desperate in this state people are tattling on their neighbors. the state is doing everything it can to conserve as much water as they can. Starbucks made the sensible choice to stop drawing water from Californian waterways. Knowing the seriousness of this situation, ignoring all social and political pressures, Nestle corporation continued to pull water from the state’s water sources.

Pulling water for Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water to sell, Nestle continues to drain California for its profit. In 2013, Nestle drew 27 million gallons from natural springs in Strawberry Canyon. They pulled this water having never paid the state of California for the right to do so. The permit would have cost 524 dollars. Following public outcry, Nestle continued to say they had paid for the permit. Ignoring the outcry they drained another 51 million gallons in underground water sources. The next year 76 million gallons of water was taken from Californians.


The review process to renew Nestle’s permit met with termination. Once planning stages made apparent the hefty price tag and complicated steps said review would entail, the review was simply dropped. With no new stipulations or stricter regulations added to the expired permit that Nestle was neglecting to follow anyway,though, that remains an unanswered question. Since CAlifornia was never paid for its water the total sum in stolen water comes to 705 million gallons. This is enough water to irrigate 700 acres of farmland or fill 1,000 pools.
The bottled water sells for anywhere from 89 cents to 2 dollars a bottle resulting in massive profits for Nestle. Understandably the citizens of California are calling for a boycott of their stolen and scarce resource.