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Mother Gives Birth to Twins One Month After Previous Birth

A woman gave birth to twins just one month after she had given birth to another baby boy.

The Bangladeshi woman had no idea she was carrying twins in a second uterus until doctors performed a scan when she was rushed to the hospital on March 22 suffering stomach pains.

Arifa Sultana Iti, 20, had given birth to a  premature baby on Feb 25, according to local reports. But during the pregnancy she never had the ultrasound that would have revealed a rare second uterus, let alone the fact that inside it twins were growing.

“She didn’t realize she was still pregnant with the twins. Her water broke again 26 days after the first baby was born and she rushed to us,” Sheila Poddar, a gynecologist who treated the woman, told AFP.

She was rushed to the Ad-din Hospital in Jessore District where doctors delivered twins by emergency caesarian section—a boy and a girl—after scans revealed two wombs.

Iti was discharged from hospital on March 26 and according to reports is doing well, along with her three babies.

A mother holds her newborn baby on July 7, 2018, at the hospital in Nantes, western France. (Loic Venance/AFP/Getty Images)

“It’s a rare incident. I have seen such a case for the first time. I hadn’t even heard about such incident before,” the chief of the hospital’s gynecology department, Dr. Sheila Poddar, told bdnews24.com. 

Posted by bdnews24.com on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The woman and her husband are very poor Poddar told the BBC, and she had never had an ultrasound before.

“She had no idea that she had two other babies,” said Poddar.

“The babies and her are all healthy. I am very, very happy that everything went well,” she said.

Having two uteruses is not as rare as some people think, Singapore gynecologist Christopher Ng told the BBC, and would usually be picked up easily during pregnancy.


“If you go for a scan beforehand it would be very obvious to see two sets of uteruses. But obviously, they are from a more rural area [and might not have access to ultrasound scanning],” he said.

Her husband, Sumon Biswas, earns less than 6,000 takas ($70) a month as a laborer but said he would “try his best to keep them happy,” describing it as a “miracle” AFP reported.

Goes to Sleep With a Headache, Wakes Up a Mom

A British woman with two uteruses also had no idea she was pregnant until she woke up on Dec. 6 from a four-day coma to discover she was now mom to a baby girl.

Ebony Stevenson, 18, from Oldham had continued to have periods as usual throughout the pregnancy since her baby was growing in one of two wombs. She had developed no bump, according to the BBC.

She had gone to bed with a headache and was rushed to hospital after she was sick and started having seizures.

Ebony has a rare condition which means she has two wombs, and had no idea she was pregnant when she fell ill.

Posted by BBC News on Monday, February 18, 2019

Doctors found that she was suffering from preeclampsia and that the baby needed to be delivered.

Stevenson said that when she woke from her coma, she was confused when the hospital staff put her newborn girl, Elodie straight on her chest.

“It sounds awful now, but I asked them to take her away as I was so confused and sure they’d made a mistake,” she told the BBC.

“But my mum explained it all to me while the nurses were there and they gave my little girl back to me to hold properly for the first time.

“Although I was so confused—and pretty scared—it was a beautiful moment and she was so quiet.”

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