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Modelling Agency, Oldushka, Only Hires Mature Models

A model’s job is the same as a salesperson’s. Marketing teams hire models to represent their brands, attract a target customer base, and use their appearance to showcase their company in the best light possible.

In the last few years, there’s been a surge in inclusive and diverse model agencies, who hope to help the average person feel better understood and better represented in the messages they see in advertising. Body-positive campaigns with plus-sized, differently abled, and ethnically diverse models are a refreshing addition to an industry that has been filled to the brim with thin, young (and photoshopped) people for far too long.

A new modeling agency is on the scene, and it’s hoping to add more diversity in age for big brands like Balenciaga and more!

Oldushka- the Russian Agency for Mature Models

Oldushka is the first Russian model agency that exclusively represents mature professional models. With offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, and Omsk, The agency was founded in March of 2016, and has been turning heads in Eastern Europe since, with viral exposure starting to spread internationally today.

Oldushka was created by photographer, Igor Gavar, who ran a personal blog photographing fashion among retirees he encountered in his hometown of Omsk, Siberia. “Beauty—it’s a quality that becomes more valued with years. I met some very interesting faces, and I wanted to do a separate project with them. A modeling agency became that sort of project,” Gavar told Vogue magazine.

But Oldushka isn’t just about rocking a silver-haired style. Gavar hopes the agency’s work will have the effect of improving the lives of older adults everywhere. “Appearing as themselves is an instrument to fight stereotypes. They are an inspiring example to show that it is possible to look beautiful and be your age,” he says.

Meet Oldushka’s Awesome Mature Models

Tatyana Lukjanova

Lyudmila Masaleva

Sergey Arctic

Marta Jersey

Sofia Alexandrova

Julia Boyarina

Viktor Afanasyevich

Larisa Mikhaltsova


Valentina Yasen

Valentina Yasen

Olga Kondrasheva


Victor Stolyarenko

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ВНИМАНИЕ, УКРАИНА!!! #oldushkaukraine Oldushka объявляет набор возрастных моделей в Украине. Если вам больше 50-ти лет, пришлите свои актуальные снимки (сделанные в течении текущего года) на почту oldkasting@gmail.com. В подборке должны быть как крупные планы лица (погрудный портрет, фас, профиль, 3/4), так и фото в полный рост. На снимках должно быть чётко различимо лицо, длина волос, поэтому крупные планы лица в очках и головных уборах не рассматриваются. На кастинг принимаются любые фотографии, как профессиональные, так и любительские, сделанные на любое устройство (фотоаппарат, телефон, планшет и т.д.). В письме укажите свои ФИО, возраст, город проживания и контактный номер телефона. В теме письма напишите УКРАИНА. По результатам кастинга лица, с которыми мы заинтересованы в работе, получат предложение о сотрудничестве ответным письмом. Так же Вы можете отмечать нас на своих снимках в инстаграме, мы рассмотрим их. Спасибо. На фото: Виктор Столяренко. Наша первая модель из Украины. Фотограф @anya_ozerchuk #oldushkamodels #oldushka #олдушка #greyhairmodel

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Encouraging diversity in modeling isn’t just about appealing to a larger audience. It helps to shift the way society thinks about humanity. It reminds us to see the value and the beauty in everyone, no matter their age, ability, ethnicity, gender, or anything else. We can’t wait to see more!

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