October 19, 2018 2:17 am
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Heartbreaking Footage Released of ‘Animal Rights’ Activists Taking Homeless Man’s Puppy

Heartbreaking footage has just been released of three so-called “animal rights” activists assaulting a homeless man in Paris and wrenching his puppy from his arms.

The distraught man can be heard wailing as two activists wrestle him into submission, allowing a third man to sprint off with the small puppy, who is yelping in distress.

The video was uploaded to Facebook earlier this week by a man named Nghi Le Duc who witnessed the act, and it has since gone viral, with most people criticizing the activists’ actions:

However, the activist group, which calls itself Cause Animale Nord, are not cowed by the criticism. They’re actually proud of themselves, posting the video to their own Facebook page and boasting about the act.

The English translation to their post reads, in part:

“The Police do nothing, we act. You also you can act, it’s just a little bit of courage…”

They have renamed the puppy “Vegan,” in honor of their “convictions.”


Still, people on social media aren’t letting the matter go. As one user put it:

“Some animal groups have no brains. This puppy was bonded with it’s owner; it wasn’t being abused. Therefore all they are doing is breaking the law and causing pain and trauma to the owner AND puppy.

The reaction of the man also proves that he was brokenhearted and not angered – an angry response would be what you’d get out of someone abusing the dog and using it for ill-gains. The fact the police didn’t step in also shows there was nothing illegal – like abuse – going on.

This group are nothing but liars, abusers and law-breakers. Hope they get charged with everything the police can think of and the puppy is reunited with its owner.”


The man, whom sources say is a gypsy and not, in fact, homeless, has not been reunited with his dog.