July 24, 2019 7:50 am
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Doctor Removes Woman’s Kidneys By Accident After Mistaking It For a Cancerous Tumor

While we don’t often hear about things like this happen, the fear of it is always in the back of our minds, especially when going under for any kind of procedure. In this woman’s case, the thing we fear the most actually happened and her story will chill you to your bones.

According to Fox, a 51-year-old woman named Maureen Pacheco checked into Wellington Regional Medical Center back in 2016 to have the bones in her lower back fused after a car accident. That being said, during her operation Dr. Ramon Vazquez noticed her kidney which he believed was a tumor at the time. Because of his assuming it was a tumor he declared it was an emergency situation and removed it. No one ever asked Pacheco or any of her relatives whether removing the ‘tumor’ was alright or not and of course, she ended up suing.

Now, as if this whole story wasn’t messed up enough, apparently Vazquez was not supposed to be the one even performing her surgery. He was merely supposed to cut her open so that the surgeons could come in and do the operation. Because of all of this Vazquez who has served as chairman of surgery at Palm Beach Medical Center could end up losing his medical license over this and many believe that he should.

Could you imagine waking up from a back surgery to be told you had a kidney removed without it being necessary? Now, according to Daily Mail, this legal battle has recently been settled but did last around two years. That being said, Pacheco still has to continue her life at risk for chronic kidney disease and renal failure with just one kidney.

Daily Mail reported as follows on the topic:

Pacheco’s primary surgeons who were supposed to fuse the bones in her lower back, Dr. John Britt and Dr. Jeffrey Kugler, settled for $250,000 each, according to records from the state’s Office of Insurance Regulation.

Dr. Vazquez’s attorney, Mark Mittlemark, wrote in an email to the Palm Beach Post that the doctor settled for a ‘nominal amount’.

The Health Department says that Dr. Vazquez did not have malpractice insurance, unlike the other two surgeons.

According to 2018 Florida Statutes, the maximum amount of he would be required to pay is $250,000.

This whole situation is quite scary in itself and it should be noted that Vazquez didn’t even order a biopsy before removing the organ. What do you think about all of this?