October 17, 2018 10:50 pm
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How Chocolate Powder Is Becoming A New Party Drug With No Hangover

Unlike alcohol, meth, cocaine, speed and even drugs like LSD and psilocyben, the newest thrill, popping up in night clubs and raves around the world, is chocolate.

Pure cacao.  The wonderfully satisfying (and legal) food is being used by party-goers in Berlin, among other places, to fuel the rave, long into the night.


One such monthly dance-party is called Lucid and fuels the party with cacao-infused drinks.  Another group, Morning Gloryvill, runs raves from London to New York and stocks their bars with cacao drinks and cacao tablets.  One Belgian inventor (and chocolate fanatic), Dominique Persoone, even created a $50 snorting mechanism for cacao powder.

All the craze and obsession aside, this is still the health food you can grab at the store.  Cacao is known as one of greatest luxury and health foods on the planet.

Many experts, including a study done by the American Journal of Educational Nutritionists laud the value of raw cacao, including its health benefits.  When eaten, there is a surge of endorphins in your bloodstream, increasing acuity and fueling your body with feelings of euphoria. Then there’s the magnesium rush, which relaxes your muscles and de-tenses your body.

Cacao is also known for “amplifying” the feelings experienced while listening to music.

This is a legitimate party-power substance and also one of the greatest foods in the world.