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The Biggest Moneymaker Of All Time: Cancer, And Why The Profiteers Don’t Want A Cure

People go through a tremendous amount of pain when they or someone they care about is diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is a very common thing nowadays.

The Biggest Moneymaker Of All Time: Cancer, And Why The Profiteers Don’t Want A Cure

We are knowingly exposed to way too many different dangerous chemicals on our foods, in our water, even when we buy a new car! What is so wrong with natural foods? Our foods are being sprayed with tons of chemicals that are supposed to make them last longer and be more cosmetically appealing. People are developing cancer because someone decided that regular tomatoes just weren’t pretty enough? What in the world! Injecting foods with chemicals is not healthy at all. These preservatives we use are in no way good for us! GMO foods aren’t even being labeled; they are being marketed as natural. They are so far from it. The pesticides used on our foods are literally poison. In case you haven’t noticed the FDA and Monsanto are best friends, No one working for Monsanto eat these terrible GMO foods you can be sure of that. They’re all aware of the things they try to keep hidden.

A doctor Max Gerson back in 1938 discovered that a safe, natural treatment for cancer patients was fresh organic veggies. A bill had been appropriated at that time stating that if anyone could show some sort of promising result in the treatment of cancer that they would be rewarded one hundred million dollars so of course Gerson presented his results to them. Gerson in 1946 showed them five terminal cancer cases and five additional patients’ records showing how effective his treatment had been. The pepperly-neely bill was then defeated by four doctors who just so happened to be senators. Rather than someone who showed actual results. The government makes an awful lot of money on people with cancer. They don’t want a cure, actually it seems like with all of these chemicals they want us to get cancer!

The video below will be very eye opening!

Tons of different treatments have been tried and just as quickly as they arrived they were deemed ineffective and cast out. You see the society we live in today is full of deception Aspirin companies have even convinced the public that a fever is a bad thing when a fever is merely self-preserving event caused by your brain in attempt to rid your body of a pathogen. Pathogens can survive just fine at our normal body temperature. Have you ever noticed someone run straight to the Aspirin when the slightest fever occurs?


The American Cancer Society has very close ties with the mammography industry. Mammograms aren’t even effective most of the time. If you have ever had one you know they are extremely unpleasant. Our tender extremely sensitive breasts are handled roughly and placed in a device that squishes them down to almost paper thin. This makes the cells if we do have cancer or tumors of some sort irritated and increases their likelihood of spreading to other parts of our body. These tumors also have capsules around them so the rough movements are disrupting this capsule causing it to metastasis.

Lung Cancer And Esophageal Cancers

These cancers are very difficult to treat, it has been found that however hydrogen peroxide can help with these sorts of cancers. Not the brown bottle you find in the supermarket though you have to find the food grade peroxide at thirty five percent and dilute it to three percent. This is known as treating cancer with oxygen, cancer doesn’t like oxygen.


Sugar is the best fuel for cancer, cancer loves fatty tissue. High fructose corn syrup gives these cancer cells all of the energy they need to grow. So if you take a body make it overweight by eating crappy foods with tons of chemicals in it, expose people to fluoride in their water sources teamed up with all the air pollution and things like that you most likely will have that body developing cancer. The government is setting us up to get cancer. They want to make as much money possible off of us and dwindle our numbers down in the process.


Cutting out a tumor is not necessarily  a good thing small traces of said tumor are still there and gives them room to develop more tumors and even cause it to spread more quickly the second time. The use of medical marijuana and cannabis oil gets rid of the tumors without surgery and this is why it is still illegal in many states. The government wants us to have to pay for surgeries and dangerous radiation treatments as well as chemotherapy.

We need to be aware of the things going on in our society. We are being used as if we are livestock as well. Everyone and everything is being poisoned and all with the intent for us to develop cancer. There are cures out there but no one wants us to know about them. Don’t be deceived.

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