July 18, 2018 8:29 pm
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An Ancient Underground City Has Just Been Discovered In Turkey

It would be utterly naive of us to think that we have discovered everything there is to know about the ancient civilisations that came before us. Whether or not you keep up with gripping trends in the archaeological world, things are happening all the time to unearth more historical secrets.

It just so happens that an ancient underground settlement has been discovered in Turkey, and not by archaeologists I might add! So here is a story all about how a Turkish man’s life got twisted upside down…

It all started when one man wanted to make his basement bigger… To his dismay, he ended up stumbling across an underground city!


In fact, the city is about 3,000 years old and could hold up to 20,000 people who were hiding from Persians


Now thankfully part of the city has been opened up to tourists


The forgotten city had wine cellars, kitchens, schools, stores, and even cemeteries. A place built for a long hideout I imagine


For an underground city it actually had a surprisingly good ventilation system, suitable for thousands of people and animals


The city even had a well they could use in case they became cut off from the safety of the outside world. What a scary thought


Defence was also thought about. As you can see, some passages are narrow and have stone doors. That was a measure to stop or slow down potential attackers


The tunnels were also used so people could move unseen by enemy eyes


There were ropes installed so animals could be brought in and out of the city


Despite being thoroughly searched, archaeologists believe that there is plenty more waiting to be discovered inside this myriad of tunnels and rooms


Before you all go rushing down to your basements with hammers and pickaxes, it’s worth remembering that it’s highly unlikely you’ll stumble upon a new wonder of the world. If you persist however, then you’re more than likely to stumble upon your mum looking seriously pissed off with your DIY skills.