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10 Bizarre Mysteries That Scientists Just Can’t Explain

Modern day science has come a long way, making life easier and so much better. But, there happen to many incidents and cases that modern day science has no explanation for. They are complex, paranormal or just a hoax? We leave it for you to decide.

1. The Frozen Woman Of Minnesota.

Jean Hilliard has survived the worst case of frostbite in the most elegant way possible. Her case made all the tables turn, every scientist or doctor till this date can only call it a ‘Miracle’. She was 19 years old when discovered by her neighbour in a completely frozen state. She was in her car that skid in the ice. She was out there when the temperature was 25 degree below 0. It was impossible for her to survive. Her cells could burst, as when the water in the cells freezes, it tends to expand. That would have meant serious brain damage and amputation of legs or hands. But none of it happened for Jean. She was hale and hearty in next 46 days. With an unexplained but miraculous mystery of survival, she now lives a happy life.

The Frozen Woman Of Minnesota,10 Bizarre Mysteries That Scientists Just Can't Explain   source

2. Iron Pillar, Delhi

What is made of iron, has to rust. But this stout and aggressive pillar stands strong for more than 1600 years with little or no signs of rust. Is it an alloy? No, it is 98% iron, and it won’t rust. Scientists now, know what is keeping it rust-free. But the question is what took us so long to figure out the idea of rust-free iron that our ancestors figured out way before our time.

Iron Pillar, Delhi   source

3. Carroll A. Deering

On January 31, 1921 the schooner Carroll A. Deering was discovered along the coast of North Carolina. It was only a few years after Mary Celeste and this case had similar findings. When the rescue crew reached the ship, they found it empty. Everything was in place, the food for the next day was half prepared. There were no signs of fights or rebellion but still each and every person was missing. People then subjected the case to a paranormal phenomenon. Because Carroll A. Deering was found in the modern day Bermuda Triangle.

Carroll A. Deering source

4. Hutchison Effect

Hutchison Effect is not just one effect; it is, in fact, a series of things and findings. Back in the day when John Hutchison was working with the Telsa waves he found some unexplainable results. Wood and metal, two materials so different from each other would burn together, metal would tear off like a piece of paper and materials of different properties were amalgamated. All these phenomenons remain a mystery till date.

Hutchison Effect source

5. Faces Of Belmez

Pereira family house has attracted an attention of people and journalists around the world. Mysterious faces would appear on the walls or floors from nowhere, and they would leave the house at their will. Many researches were carried out, and it was revealed that the house was built on a graveyard. A pit nine feet deep was made, and a body was excavated. But this did not stop the mysterious faces from coming back. It is unexplained as to why and how these faces would come and go.

Faces Of Belmez source

6. Disappearing Lake- 2 months is as long as it took

In the year 2007 a lake in Patagonia had a surface area of about 10 to 12 acres. This was in the month of May. But something happened in just two months, and the what once used to be a lake was just barren land and glaciers. A 5 mile long lake was now just a stream. Geologists say that an earthquake must be responsible, but there aren’t any proofs.

Disappearing Lake- 2 months is as long as it took source

7. Oakville Blob Rain.

On August 7, 1994 the people of Oakville noticed something weird about the rain that fell at about 3 AM. At first it seemed like hail stones but a closer look suggested a different story. It was a gelatinous substance, very mushy and clear. Over a period of 3 weeks, this rain happened six times. The people in the vicinity became mysteriously ill. It was like a flu. Cats and dogs who came in contact with the substance died. People were ill from 3 weeks to about three months. The blobs were sent for testing. Human white blood cells were a major constituent of the blobs; it also had an enzyme that is only found in the human digestive system. No one knows as to how and why these blobs rained in the area.

Oakville Blob Rain

8. The Black Helicopter

The black helicopter is more of a UFO lore than truth. Many people have claimed to have seen the black helicopter which would follow them. But two authentic cases of the black helicopter remain unsolved. A teenage boy was followed by the black helicopter for 45 minutes When he was unable to hide or run any further, they came out and pointed guns at him. And then they just let him go. Only one week later a car in Washington was followed, and then they let it go too. No one knows the black helicopter’s whereabouts.

The Black Helicopter source

9. Animals in Stones.

There have been many cases where ancient stones when cut down, were empty, and animals were secure in them. Even while cutting down trees, frogs and toads can be spotted inside them. How do they come inside, no one knows. These stones are different than fossils. No one knows as to how these animals come inside the trunk of a tree which has no hole cut down. The cavity in which these animals are found, were not of the shape of the animal; they were rather huge.

Animals in Stones source

10. Donnie Decker- The Rain Man

Donnie Decker is a man from Pennsylvania who could make it rain. It all started at his grandfather’s funeral where he claimed to have been attacked by his grandfather’s spirit. He was at a friend’s house when the ceiling started to drip water. At first it looked like a bad ceiling job, but later when they were at a restaurant water was falling over their heads. While serving his sentence at the jail, the prison walls rained as well. No one knows as to how and why could he would do that.

Donnie Decker- The Rain Man source

Post what you think in the comments below. All the facts and happenings are correct to our knowledge. If there is something else you know, do share!